Just realized another hotfix went live yesterday

Lowering XP in previous patches then increasing XP again and calling it community work and players like you will get baited and create positive threads.

Its not good because they did this a few times already.

Almost feels the past weeks as the game developers finally reached WT4 and need to balance out the XP in their endgame.

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Nothing to argue, pointing out the “facts”. not sure why you are trying to argue. I have no points against your point. What are you trying to argue about?

“You win”[tm]. You’re a winner.

Plans are required to provide health education materials to Members at or below a
sixth grade reading level. MMCD suggests using a readability formula that is
most appropriate and reliable for the type of material and target audience. Different
reading formulas use a variety of criteria to calculate grade level, such as the
number of words per sentence, the number of words with three or more syllables,
the number of familiar words, percentage of difficult words, the number of
“difficult or hard” words, etc. Plans may manually calculate the reading level of
materials or may use software, such as Readability Calculations (includes SMOG,
Fry Graph, FOG, Flesch Reading Ease, Dale-Chall), or equivalent software to test
the readability that is appropriate for the sample size. Requirements for reading
level and readability formulas are applicable only for written materials produced in

i knew it

comparing healthcare requirements on being able to communicate with patients vs man children throwing a hissy fit on a game forum

another brilliant apples to boulders comparison courtesy of the diablo forums

we’ve gone past ludicrous stupid and are now into plaid stupid around here

You knew it and you asked for it?

Dude man, what are you ARGUING about? I’m trying to help you now.

yeah its a tactic to get someone to trip themselves up. i knew exactly what it was going to be when you mentioned autistic clients.

thought you were done bothering me?

This is in addition to the season blessing at 20% now?

Correct, just a flat increase across the board.

I haven’t yet, and an increase in experience gain without improving the actual game still makes it not worth it. The rate of XP gain is not the problem. The problem is a lack of game.

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Yes. We are aware. However, we’re talking about one single decent thing that might be nice if one is suffering through leveling until another games releases. Not the entire repertoire of issues wrong with the game. That is what the rest of the forum is for, not this thread. So…?

Because all it meant to do is try and distract people from the real problems. All they have been doing for the past while is playing with XP, when they NEED to fix the game. If people are “suffering” through leveling, they should stop playing. There is no reason to level, other than to say they did. There is no game to level for.

I have 3 lvl 100s… I’m trying all the characters. Calm down.

You are definitely one to tell people what they should be doing. It sounds like you are more concerned than anyone. Clearly you’re the one who is bored. How about you let people make decisions, and you can make your own, mmmmmk? some of y’all … lmfao jesus christ.

Sorry if I want the game to actually improve to be in a good spot.

If people stopped playing, Blizzard would be forced to answer.

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Why are you apologizing for wanting that? We have all posted our complaints on thousands of posts. Now you need to come here, talking about XP, to spam more ish about how tHe GaMe neEDS tO bE fIxeD yOu aLl sHoUlD NoT bE PlaYiNg cUz mY rAnd sPaM saYz sO.

Okay bro. Get a grip for christ sake. Because you sound insufferably stupid right now.

Because the game doesn’t need an XP buff. Which is what the hotfix is about. It does nothing and means nothing. I will continue to argue for actual fixes to the game. Thanks though for your concern.

I mean you can waste your time doing whatever you want, problem you don’t see is that well, the game blows, there’s nothing to do besides level characters like in D3 and the item pool and mechanics are just abysmal for a multi-billion dollar corporation.

You can enjoy what you’re doing, I don’t really care. But I’m going to spend my time instead of playing to be critical of a game that should’ve been better than this and not satisfied with a scam-level product. It’s just that simple.

You’re just as insufferable to listen to because you want me to just shut up and take it in every hole without complaint like you do. Thanks, but no thanks.

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You know I never talked to you to begin with right.

My first post on this thread was to the OP.

right. Sure. whatever. talking to you is like talking to a brick.

Lol. I literally have the quote from the OP in my first post on this thread you numbskull

Go back and read it you donkey

What in the actual F does that have to do with you telling me if I’m not 100 yet… I shouldn’t be playing, yadda yadda? Are you mental?