Just realized another hotfix went live yesterday

Completely missed this yesterday, more exp for WT3 and 4, along with fixing the seeds of hatred exploit people were using. No mention of bans going out, but we’ll see how that goes.

Basically if you haven’t leveled a character at all this season, now would be the time.

It will help, but just about done with game. And Mortal Kombat released. So have other things to work on now…


Yeah it’s a great hot fix! This really helps the target audience for D4 level up.

They annoucned it through discord over the santuary channels (i think this is the official discord?).

I think they needed to roll the hotfix for the exploit. The Exp stuff is awesome sidebuff though. They must have gotten more data about tuning that upwards after the exp weekend.

Oh no! No more lottery of encountering necros trying to turn in hundreds of millions of seeds.

does that key demo you mentioned include people who hate the game but still post on the forums?

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I don’t understand these comments, the fixes that are coming in season 2 are because of people voicing how bad it is, y’all want the game to stay in this sorry state?

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normal grounded people who post their thoughts in a readable manner, sure

kicking crying screaming children however are just pollution.


and the converse to that is overbearing, technical oversight, imposed on less educated and less priviledged people derailing their complaints and calling them pollution.

No one knows the background and age of people posting on the forums. You take good and the bad.

You’re the other extreme and everyone should tolerate you as well, no?

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THIS GAME SUCKS and rehashing some streamer noise pollution is just that, pollution. put your complaint into a legible, readable, logical, reasonable format

or dont post at all.

your problem is youre only looking at extremes now just to try to make a point to argue with me

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LoL, I’m not arguing man. Just pointing out the “facts”.

P.S. from a consumer advocacy standpoint, guidelines can go down to elementary school education/literacy for communication.

Not including all the language sensitivity that goes into it.

youre not pointing out any facts. you made a “point” that someone posting a bunch of technical jargon is also unhelpful, completely ignoring the middle ground to again, argue with me.


plus, kicking and screaming like a toddler is still ineffective no matter what any guideline will say, because it provides zero actionable feedback

I’m not arguing with you Donut.

“You Win”[tm]. You’re a winner.

Do your own research on the letters / grade level. It’s all googleable.


I have autistic clients and I’m going to tell you right now. You should stop your roll. LOL.

Too little too late.

nothing turned up. so ill assume you just made it up, along with your “client base.”

you say you dont want to argue with me yet continue to argue with me.

or are you done bothering me for real now

Lowering XP in previous patches then increasing XP again and calling it community work and players like you will get baited and create positive threads.

Its not good because they did this a few times already.

Almost feels the past weeks as the game developers finally reached WT4 and need to balance out the XP in their endgame.

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Nothing to argue, pointing out the “facts”. not sure why you are trying to argue. I have no points against your point. What are you trying to argue about?

“You win”[tm]. You’re a winner.

Plans are required to provide health education materials to Members at or below a
sixth grade reading level. MMCD suggests using a readability formula that is
most appropriate and reliable for the type of material and target audience. Different
reading formulas use a variety of criteria to calculate grade level, such as the
number of words per sentence, the number of words with three or more syllables,
the number of familiar words, percentage of difficult words, the number of
“difficult or hard” words, etc. Plans may manually calculate the reading level of
materials or may use software, such as Readability Calculations (includes SMOG,
Fry Graph, FOG, Flesch Reading Ease, Dale-Chall), or equivalent software to test
the readability that is appropriate for the sample size. Requirements for reading
level and readability formulas are applicable only for written materials produced in

i knew it

comparing healthcare requirements on being able to communicate with patients vs man children throwing a hissy fit on a game forum

another brilliant apples to boulders comparison courtesy of the diablo forums

we’ve gone past ludicrous stupid and are now into plaid stupid around here

You knew it and you asked for it?

Dude man, what are you ARGUING about? I’m trying to help you now.

yeah its a tactic to get someone to trip themselves up. i knew exactly what it was going to be when you mentioned autistic clients.

thought you were done bothering me?