It's only cosmetics

i am usually not to concerned with the way chars and the world looks, I am more focused on game play. But please fix necro summons. I don’t think having glowy blue skellies running around is anyones idea of a diablo game.
Also please do something about the char models, give the girls some boobs and softer features make them distinguishable from the men.
That quest where you carry some totem around to different spots and while you are holding the totem the world darkens, I really liked the visuals while it was darker,maybe you could incorporate that type of atmosphere a lot more.
Overall it is a rather enjoyable game though so thanks for that.


also fix the sever skill… i was picturing a Grim reaper emerging from my soul slashing my enemies then returning to me and leaving a trail of darkness…

what we got… dur dur skeleton model reused but it has a lvl 2 scythe

if you want an example of a modern designed necro done well look at HOTS now when that guy swung his scythe? shefs kiss


that’s good to know, I actually hated how bright the skeletons were


I have to agree - they dont fit into the game at all - they look like comic characters walking arround. Hopefully its not because of cosmetics.

In general i think cosometics are awful in a full price game - to me its pretty certain that this will limit how items look in the game without real money purchases and chances are the best looking skins will only be sold for real money.

And if its similar to other games the real money skins will become more and more absurd to get people to buy them …


the difficull is even on easy hard don’t can lill lithit first boss the boss with the knight

No lo entiendo mi personaje es picara soy level 20 no me sale la mochila que tando dicen que te dan nesecito ayuda por fabor.

What’s weird is that the Skeleton monsters we face in the world are more cool and realistic looking then the summoned ones the Necro uses.

In fact, the Necro’s skeles look like the cartoony WoW skeletons.

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Good Point - Make them looks closer to the open world skeletons - real creeeepy crawllllyyy nawm sayin scotty P?

la mochila se entregará en el lanzamiento del juego

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Boa noite gostaria de avisar que não consigo evocar o golem. Estão faltando árvores de skill exclusivas para os Summons, faltam armas, armaduras ,amuletos, anéis com opção para os summons, ao trocar uma opção de item não aparecem atributos para summons. No Diablo 2 existe uma arvore de skills somente para os summons. Existe arvore de skills para Ossos, Sangue, Sombras, mas não tem arvore de skills para os Summons, estou muito triste com isso.

I always had issues identifying which were my summons, maybe they were just trying to make them stand out more?

Not sure if this has been listed but if you try to put a socket in an already socketed item like a ring or amulet it will take your money even if its already socketed. Not really a bug but i accidentally did it.

Why is there no healing class …give me curses and prayers or holy paly please and thank you.