Is this game still super grindy for the sake of it?

Just curious where the game stands right now. I quit part way through Season 1, uninstalled, haven’t touched it since. Don’t get me wrong, I’d really LIKE to start it up again, but I just can’t bring myself to waste time if they haven’t improved the unnecessary grind. By that I mean:

  • It takes forever to level up, purely for the sake of taking a while to level up.
  • WT1, 2, and even 3 are completely useless because as soon as you hit 4, all your gear becomes worthless.
  • Re-Speccing and Re-Enchanting becomes prohibitively expensive
  • Only 1 or 2 meta builds exist per character class that are semi-functional

I’m not including seasonal content because that goes away after the season ends. I’m just curious where the game stands as of now. And is still super laggy and rubber-banding all the time? Have they addressed any of the connectivity issues since Mid-way through Season 1?

Or am I better off sticking with Overwatch and Call of Duty still?

Leveling and gold drop along with lowered respec costs are definitely better.
Ive barely played an hour since swason 2 started (still only have an unmaxed eternal character), but gained a few paragon points in that time, and at least 5x the amount of gold from before the last update.