Infinite Queue Screen

Throwing my issue into the mix as well. After an earlier server disconnection yesterday I’ve since got this infinite queue. Before I got disconnected I noticed my character was “gone” from my list. Restarted my game and that’s when it happened.

I really hope they address this soon…

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Me pasó lo mismo pero en xbox, necesito una solución.

The same thing happened to me but on xbox, I need a solution.

Got in at 9:30 yesterday, created my toon, got through intro. Then let wife make her toon and BOOM! Kicked out login error. Went into 145 minute login queue and then waited… and waited… closed game. Came back on around 3 pm pacific time and was in queue until I got tired 7 hours later. Got up early today hoping to get in…guess what wonderful red circling screen I am looking at. When am I going to get in and play? I can only imagine next weekend…can we get this fixed please. How can any of us that cannot get in game get the wolf???


Get a refund, they dont care about us. 18H since they replied about anything.

12 hours, but yeah maybe a refund might be in order

No it’s literally 18.

Last reply is now at 13 hours from Blizzard. Still sucks though.

That last reply from yesterday mentions nothing about what is affecting console users being stuck in the queued screen unable to access the game at all.

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They can’t read lmao

So far I’ve only made it past then que once and then as soon as I finished my character and tried to play I was hit with the code 300008 so irritating

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PC is having the same queue issue. Its not an issue specific to console, but sure keep up the overhand comments. The games all run on the same servers…

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