Idea to greatly buff World Bosses and how to justify that

Me and few my friends who I play d4 with and I bet many other players think that battles vs world bosses on low lvl like tier 2 are one of the best fights in this game. I recall to this day one fight vs wandering death, it was epic af. Music, adrenaline, time running out, it was great. You can’t tell this about tier 4 though. World bosses are getting more and more trivialised and S4 is shaping to be the biggest power creep in the history of d4 therefore world bosses should be powered up also.

Maybe good idea would be to make them very strong like lvl 200 tormented bosses times number of players fighting and to make them able to drop ubers. Ubers seems to be most desirable thing in d4, so playerbase should feel good about this change. There could be a message that uber has dropped for someone else, so players participating, but not getting uber themselves would know that they are really droping and would be motivated to fight next world boss, even if battles would take few minutes instead of seconds. Mats droping from world boss could be dropped also elsewhere or exclusively elsewhere, to not make people who came for mats disapointed if boss wouln’t be defeated. World bosses respawn time is few hours so it would not cause inflation of ubers bigger than target farming duriel whole day in 4 mans party.


WB are there just for materials when it comes to endgame. Point. I honestly don’t feel like i want to lose more time on WB just for materials. I would be ok with idea of boosting WBes if they also increase the loot.

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