Idea for uniques

I have a idea to make Diablo 4 better.
Uniques seem a little under powered now with the new tempering system. My idea is we should be able to add a legendary affex from the codex of power to a unique so they have a total of 6 affexs like legendaries. Instead of using veiled crystals for material, instead have resplendent sparks be used to enhance uniques. This could be a chase item to get the perfect build going.

Also could you fix the Razorplate unique to have more affexs because the master working it up won’t have any benifit for it at all.

Hmmm, i don’t think that idea of uniques aren’t better than some legendaries is bad. In diablo 2 it was just like that, runewords were much more powerful than most of unique items. Some good rolled Rare items were better too and it worked well IMO.