I wish all classes had the Rogue body type available to them

It’s a perfectly average body type that makes sense for pretty much any human who eats normal amounts of food on a regular basis to have.

It’s not a big muscle man like the Barbarian or a chunky boi like the Druid, but it also isn’t emaciated like the Necromancer(who looks like they apparently only eat once a month.)

I wish any character class could be the size of the Rogue. (But especially the Necromancer)

I’m sure I am alone in this, and that’s fine.


This is what you get when you hire based on how many diversity boxes a person can check VS actual talent.


this statement is both dumb, and irrelevant to the topic of this thread.

especially considering the primarily white and male demographics of Blizzard as a company.

don’t turn my thread into imaginary white grievance nonsense please.

What are you talking about? The female necro looks like someone who fkn raises zombies and does blood rituals while chillen with dead people.

To dress up a necro as an attractive “normal” looking woman would be checking off the tick boxes of creating sexualized avatar instead of true to the lore.

God forbid my Necro looks like the famous Elvira Mistress of the Night.

I’m fine with all except druid.

They can be chunky, just give them some attractive options.

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i’m talking about the male necro, specifically. Who looks like he hasn’t eaten in a month.

I guess that’s what Necromancy means though.

Show me where I said anything about sexualizing characters.

Imagine forcing people who suffered their whole life with obesity / bulimia to play druid / necro. One super obese the other one so unhealthy thin. Happens when “diversity” is purely focused on skin color.

What does being white have to do with anything. Please dont project your racism onto me.

Elvira has never been emaciated.

I was referring to the fact that the female Necro has a flatter chest than the males in the game. As if pronoun warrior forgot that its ok for women to have breasts.

Lol this ‘Sparta’ guy qq cuz he can’t jack off to his character. Funny just imagining the insecure loser you must be. :rofl:

Yeah I don’t care about that.

go cry about “pronoun warriors” or whatever elsewhere. I don’t care about that either.

I just want a Male Necromancer who doesn’t look like a stiff breeze will knock them over.

i dont really get it why the bodytypes are locked behind the class.

attractive is subjective.

Why are you “imagining” what i fap to? Youre weirdo.

Easier to create cosmetics.

Multiple body types either need to have the same cosmetic created several times or get an ugly stretch/narrowing across various body types.

easier to create cosmetics and also easier to distinguish a player class at a glance.

I get why they did it. I also get the aesthetic they were going for. I just wish the Necromancer didn’t look quite so sickly.