💥 Hotfix 2 confirms people keep shakos

How about you speak for yourself? I know that writing “I lost motivation” sounds childish which you try not to be, but fact is - you do not represent community. So childish is the only way to go for you here.

isnt the forum a good indicator for the mood of the players? just look at all the drama in the threads …

This drama is double sided. Some ppl cry, and some laugh at those who cry. Some ppl have problem with 142 shakos and some could not care less.
Also huge majority of community do not visit these forums. Whatever the case, writing in name of everyone is literally never correct, but your opinion on your behalf is always correct & welcome here.

In most games, ppl only use forums to cry and complain. And those butthurt ppl all very small part from total players

YOU are not the voice of the community.
YOU are just a little salty troll.
YOU cared enough to create multiple threads about it and fight people over it… but when your masters decide otherwise you are “not sure about it”. LMAO. What a little pathetic shill.

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And prior to that only what, something like fifteen people had one of uber rare uniques drops? What a joke.

they shut it all down cause 142 accounts out of 2,846,685 got an uber rare in 24 hours

sounds more and more unlikely every time I see it. If it really was such a small number of people why did they change it? Maybe the people saying the statement from blizz is bs are right lol.

Yet all I was hearing from the shills was just play eternal realms if we didn’t want to play seasons… Well looks like eternal is just screwed now.

If you want to play D4, and do not want to play seasons - that was the only reply you could get. Unless you know about 3rd option (apart from not play :stuck_out_tongue: )

Explain to me how WHOLE eternal with WHOLE it’s playerbase is screwed by 142 shakos pls.

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Like I mean it really doesn’t matter the number, and actually imagine believing 142 were the only number that were given out. There’s def more when a new content drop happens and thousands of people try it.

Its great to know they don’t a f about their main server 1 month into the games life. Glad it was so fast.

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You are just dramatic about this. This is it.

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When the backlash is big enough, and public enough (that’s the really important bit), that they need to do something or they risk damaging their brand image.

They’re all about that manipulation and serving shareholders now. So, keep your thoughts in the shareholder mindset and you will never go wrong when speaking of current Blizzard operations.

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Its not my fault this is the only way blizzard listens to anyone. Maybe work on that and you’d get different reactions from people.

You are triggered by something of minimum scale. If 12.000.000 shakos dropped - they would reverse it, 142 literally makes no change in community of a few kk players in Eternal Realms (that needs to be underlined). But you do you : )

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So if they do not deliver 30 but 28 pieces of your favourite bread to shop, cause 2 were just sold at bakery - nuke them to heavens. That is similar logic.
And for the pixels - just read how much those “worthless” pixels matter to quite a few forum users. You will be suprised.

Nice trying to strawman?

Who gives a f about a bakery, were talking about a game. And we already established your point is invalid because you don’t even care about the state of the main server 1 month into release.

Yea and you need a server with people for those pixels to even have a meaning.


So now you split community for those to which pixels matters, and those for which they do not. I am not sure this is how game industry ever worked.

There isn’t much about D4 that isn’t incredibly dumb. It’s just an awful game from top to bottom. Makes D3 and D2 look like some of the best games in history.


duplicating items or exploiting bugs or using 3rd party software gets you banned so we are waiting for ? just remove the shakos done everybody happy (and yes the people who had shako should be happy that you can still play)