💥 Hotfix 2 confirms people keep shakos

What’s the difference between stupid and a special kind of stupid?

No you are not. A lot of people like you have been threatening this for 2-3 weeks now on one issue or another yet like them you will still be playing the game or the forum lol. Just stop with the crying and whining. Post your feedback and suggestion and just leave it there lol.

Who cares, in season 1 they’ll have to find it again.

Who cares no1 is going to be playing in eternal realms after season 1 hits besides some autistic dad gamers.

Blizzard is lying like always…It is not only 142… I have 72 friends on BN and 3 of them droped shako…soooo BLIZZARD STOP LIE TO US…OMFG…


another case of blizzard asking everyone to exploit early and exploit often.

what a shame.

alright ill know what to do next time :supervillain:

I can’t believe some people are losing their s**t over 142 shakos spread out over millions of players. Must be tough to live life in general with that kind of mentality.

They banned accounts for xp boosting which also affected no one.

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As predicted and said, i was right, this is the right decision :slight_smile: i see you crying a lot on forum, you can finally move on with your life :slight_smile:

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Yes, people who were supposed to get uniques got them, the rest didn’t have the opportunity to drop them normally all day, it’s ridiculous

LOL, i quit… screw this game, people exploid and get to keep items… what a f* joke


Yeah this was not good decision.; I think to be fair would have been - remove item and compensate the player who has them (considering might not been their fault/known) maybe something free of their choosing from the shop? This would be win-win, as it will be fair also to others (much larger population) who bought the game and spent hours to level up and grind for hours

They are afraid of removing too much. With their luck, that might happen. :rofl:

It’s not a big deal. Don’t be jealous.

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I’m looking forward to running around PvPing with people in shakos, thats gonna be really fair LOL… joke company - what about just deleting the items found in that timeframe… lol, how hard can it be… joke company indeed

d2 was seasonal… You just didn’t play ladder, just stop

Not to mention when they just lost 100k players in a week. At this rate this game is loosing players faster than Lost Ark did and we all seen how that ended up…

Who cares? I have more fun with a 4 euro game “halls of torment” than diablo 4. I will come back for 3 hours in season 1 to see its worse than season 0 and then leave forever lol.

^ this

but that would’ve been too easy

the part of your body that never sees the light is magnified be sure