💥 Hotfix 2 confirms people keep shakos

If you’ve played over 100 hours of this game you should have a higher chance to get uber unique items. If they plan on making these harder to get than previous entries this game isn’t going to be much fun.

How do people navigate a day in the real world when they let FOMO in a video game cripple them emotionally?

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I mean they should be embarrassed they released the game with 4 stash tabs in an arpg that’s shared across all 10 characters. How in the world did that happen? Who thought that was okay to launch with? It’s an incredibly dumb thing to do.

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lol Why would you need more than 4 bank slots? There’s no iconic sets or loot worth keeping. The game was designed around the cosmetic store not fun.

If the store is the reason for this I’m all for deleting the store.

Not according to that… they killed target farming to stop uber unique issue


BZ can make a design of posture"kneel down". In the future I meet these lucky guys in the pvp, and I can just press “kneel down” before the fighting. I promise I won’t resist.

You do actually need the stashed if aspects and imprints are a thing. Also used gears can be shared…considering 4 stages and 8-10 slots each characters…yeah, you definitely do need a lot

Why do people continually pretend these items are “chase”? There is no way to target farm them, and drop rates are so low that the carrot is on the moon, so they will never drop anyways. Chase items are something you want to grind for and chase after. These items aren’t that


And then everyone else got stuck paying the price for it. This is a common theme with Blizzard.

they completely screwed the nightmare chest for everyone trying to target farm uniques for their class builds… what a mess… Im losing interest for this game by the minute… reaching lv100 in this game means nothing… they’ve made these ultra rares impossible to farm (dont even know what the drop rates are) and on top of that its untradable… I mean whats the point… d2 was better. only thing they got right in this game was the graphics… Im pretty much done with this game.


Funny thing is that this situation could have been prevented if Barb and Sorc had class specific unique helmets as well… but they don’t so the issue lies solely with blizzard in this case. Bad itemization design strikes again, everyone gets boned because blizzard didn’t have the foresight to see this coming.

Don’t care. Time to move on.

See you in kyovashad!

They must just not have a way to remove the items individually. That’s something i truly believe.

Well, if that is the case then they should state as much simply to clear things up. As it stands people are kind of ticked at what todays post insinuated. To me I felt they said “We can and have tracked the shako but meh, too much work… deal with it”.
At least that was my takeaway lol.
I could care less about the item but I do care about the principal of the matter.

They simply don’t know what they’re doing and their CMs are useless to help them with communication because all they’re good for is chumming it up with their friends on discord and pretending it’s work.

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Indeed. Not even Diablo 2 was like this. And D2 had actual target farming + possibility of trading. Don’t get why these are considered ‘chase’ items. Chase items generally are actually acquirable, and most people also chase for perfect god roll versions of items.

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I dont understand why every helltide chest has the ability to drop ANY super unique. Its difficult enough given the rate in which they drop but now we lose out on the only small semblance of target farming we had available.

Please fix the chests so they only drop what they should from the type of chest you pick. These are currently not chase items they are at best hope & pray you get lucky items and not worth trying to find.

I dont want them to rain from the sky but no ability to help those odds in the slightest makes it a nonstarter for me.

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How did 100 accounts getting Shako impact the gameplay of others at all?

(Answer: It didn’t).

No one is quitting the game over this. A lot will say they are, but they arent. This game is still a shiny toy on it’s on whether you got a shiny shako or not.