Heartseeker Bow Tempering

Okay I have bricked SO many bows today trying to get heartseeker 2x shot chance and vulnerable damage…

Like in 1/10 bows I did was heartseeker 2x even an option. Vul has a better chance.

This is absolutely the worst. Just bricked another GA bow.

Blizz…how is this fun? I’d rather chase the old system of a 5/5 or 4/5 and just reroll the other one…FFS

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If it makes you feel better I rolled both with decent values the first try on a bow with greater Dex and Vulnerable when I switched to Heartseeker from Rapid Fire (RIP). I took it as an RNG apology for Blizzard bricking my initial build.

Considering that bow/sword/dagger bases are relatively easy to come by, it’s not absolutely terrible in the end.

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