Guess how many Sparks we get per Uber tomorrow

whoever gets right first have to be a smart guy(not like so many dumb CCs/youtubers saying 1 spark per uber).

OK, let me start first: 2.5

Does not really matter , this is clearly for about 1 % of the player base.

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1-3 sparks. 50 % for 2 and 25 % chance for 3

I’d be surprised if it was more than 1. And I expect a lot of crying if it isn’t. wTf bLizZ hOw diD yOu MeSs tHiS uP sO bAd! caNt yOu geT anYthiNg wRiTe??? SoMe oF uS hAvE 8 kiDs frOm 6 difFerEnT woMeN, wE doNt aLl haVe 20 hrS a DaY tO pLaY!@!

1 uber = 5 sparks

unless blizz wants everyone to go play LE for a week or so

they can nerf it later

You seem like the type of gamer content grinding Duriels for hundreds of runs only to still not get the uber you wanted. NICE GAME, BRO! You do you, fool.

Just to get people that have sacks of useless Ubers to rage on the boards… 0.25 sparks per uber. :upside_down_face:

I hope 1 uber unique = 1 spark and I hope they change it so it takes 2-3 sparks for 1 uber of your choice.

Also maybe a really small chance that Duriel drop a spark…

Just an idea :slight_smile:

Wrong. I’ve spent at most 5% of my time on Duriel. I don’t have any ubers and don’t care. I just don’t cry about it or feel entitled. What I do believe is that rewards should be determined by effort and difficulty. Something casuals have no concept of because they expect everything for free. And most of the complainers have the worst grammar and reading comprehension skills I’ve ever seen, which isn’t surprising.

duriel has been even more awful than usual. most of the uniques are low rolled 925 garbo. like 30/60 godslayer which was my last duriel reward. over 100 runs so far, i’ve gotten 2. my friend has gotten zero. just a bad time after actually farming mats (not trading) to do them all. i hope to see duriel as a way for casuals to get ubers. everyone else can get them naturally playing.

I’m staying optimistic: 0.5-1 lol

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I going to go with they same odds of getting a forgotten soul when salvaging.

Since Blizzard hasn’t tested this in the real world why is anyone thinking it’ll be a normal amount? Just watch… someone will find an exploit where you can mash the button with a macro and get 25 or more per salvage attempt. Because zero day exploits and Blizzard are a thing.

70% give 1
20% give 2
5% give 3

1 spark per uber, it has been communicated