Great season thus far, but

Lots of fun, but why being so stiggy Blizzard? Leaving Dungeon, you lose all your Warding? Leaving PvP Zones loses all your Seeds? Sometimes, when you gotta go, you gotta go, don’t act like our bag doesn’t only have 33 slots when the seasonal Vault has like +20 items itself alone. What about Fields of Hatred? I go there to get a quicky Whispers with the Boss/Altar, that itself is 8 Whispers, how am I suppose to claim the Tree of Whispers without having to go to town then portal again to claim my reward? There are others such as, can’t request to join party of someone that is literally standing right next to me in town? He’s my friend and we’re in the same clan! GateHall needs to be fixed as well, if I leave the Vault after completion, and I have to do other stuff like Occultists or Return to Tree of Whisper, I have to first go to the GateHall (theres no Occultist inside) and then I have to get another loading screen to use the portal for my location.

there’s been 1 great season.

there is an occultist in both Gatehall and tree of whispers.

Oops, you’re right. But it still doesn’t change the fact that its not QOL. The Gambler is all the way in one end, the Chest is not even close to the BlackSmith, Jeweller, or Occultist.

How lucky to see only NPC placement as the issue in Diablo 4.

At least you didn’t get ported to Gaea Kul.
That place is horrid.