Gold duping? Nah. I think it is an inside job selling gold

There was an exploit around a week ago. Turning the seasonal bonus on, you paid less money to the vendor when you bought back your items than how much you sold it for. This was one bug and it could only increase how much you have based on your inventory value. Also really easy to pintpoint by a dev. Was fixed after days.

That exploit does not explain all the gold in the game. Does not explain how you can buy a billion gold for 2-3 bucks.

Either there is a widespread dupe going on, without any sort of punishment or ban, or there is someone from the inside printing gold and selling it to 3rd parties.

I saw no bans for duping yet. Saw no fixes to exploits yet. So dear activision-blizzard, please stop.

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Itโ€™s obviously a gold dupe. Devs wont address it because then everyone will be duping gold.

I see people complaining about nonsense but not commenting under this post about a hypothetical gold duplication exploit.

In China, the gold coin has reached 0.05 US dollars and 100 million gold coins


This issue occurs in PS5

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Equipment can replicate countless copies BUG BUG BUG

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Itโ€™s always Sony consoles ruining everything.

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$8.99 for 1 billion gold in USA. Pretty good deal

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$0.3 for 1 billion gold in CHINA. Pretty good deal

Hope more peopleโ€™s attention

Hope more peopleโ€™s attention Hope more peopleโ€™s attention

Is this a joke?
If I read this correctly, on PS5, you can duplicate items?
Yes, this should get attention for sure if itโ€™s true.

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Yep. Itโ€™s the reason why you can buy 1 billion gold for $8

Client side inventory ?


Bruh itโ€™s an always online game how do you do client side inventory?:rofl:

There have been exploiting since day 1.

If this was actually a finished and not still a beta these things might not happen.

To be honest with how bad the game is doing they are likely going to lean into these gold farmer types as the symbiotic relationship works well for them, just like wow.

Ban waves mean more copies sold. And itโ€™s nothing for gold farmer as he makes money still. Itโ€™s total scum ethics that they allow this to happen.

The simple fix to this is to increase gold drops. They did this in D3 and it became a hated game afterwards. By you know who. However, If they were to increase gold drops like in D3, Then they should keep the cost of stuff the same. It would balance out pretty good.

Iโ€™m sorry to tell you that this is true

Not only gold coins, but also game props

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The problem occurs in PS
This is true


No one is buying 100 mil gold for $5k.