Glyphs level reduced from 21 to 19?!?! wtf

Come on, come on people!!! We all know we are the beta testers.

The bug was not possible to catch until the beta testers (us) downloaded the patch to review.

Now it’s standard process, ticket created, they fix the bug we caught, and we test the new patch again!

The only thing I can’t figure out is how this bug got through, but the bug where duriel leaves me a note in my stash saying ‘so sorry, I forgot to bring this Shako with me on our last fight to celebrate #100. Here is your participation throphy. Thank you for playing’ is not allowed to go through?


im just hoping i can get my crafting sigil mats back, didnt realize after creating a few. I was like damn… this is harder then i thought. went to see what i can do switching paragons around and noticed my lvl 21’s were 19 and my 15s were 14s now. was so confused. please reimburse the sigil mats too blizz, ty.

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Anyone ALSO notice that it now takes TWICE the amount to go from 20 to 21???

What’s the point of giving more reward if you DOUBLE the cost???

Way to go Blizzard. Exactly what we’ve come to expect from the astounding level of incompetence there.


Not gonna waste my time with AoZ when my glyphs arent even 21 any more.


Back to durial and mindless farming….i guess.

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Pez said in X there will be client fix for PC later and for console will need to wait longer but not too long lol

He got two workarounds:

  • wait for fix
  • level up the bugged glyphs but you won’t get refund XP for the maxed glyphs lol
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How is this supposed to work? Console players Play the on the same servers. U gonna disabke crossplay until consoles get a fix?

Thanks @GreyGhost and @Bmf

I was going to ask if I should take a chance and level my 15’s back up or wait.
It’s clear what to do.
Appreciate the info.

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You should not be posting on forums when you are suffering from fever fantasies.

People will be dead sick of D4 when POE 2 actually drops. I can promise you that.


Calm down big fella. You realize unintentional things happen sometimes and they already said they are trying to fix it. If you treat the little video game like a game (I know this is a novel idea for some) you wont have these mental breakdowns. Everything will be fine, its just a game. Relax.

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you do realize they get paid to make the game work… they learn to code for a reason they should be testing for a reason… they shouldnt release something thats broken out the gate… between the blizzcon test run and this patch something in the code changed… go back and fix it before ya released it … i bet they didnt even hardcore test it to begin with…


You know some HC players probably lost their characters before they realized their glyphs weren’t activated in that lvl 15 range.


amazing, announced over a month ago, they did not capture this in tests, absolutely disappointing, luckily devs are not working in banking sector, would have been a disaster and company closed on the same day they implemented a new “feature” bug

so true. never have seen a lower QA quality delivered to the customer, except maybe Amazon Game Studios, but hey, they are not a 20 year old company…
but most of the time its the pressure to keep release dates and even short them from managers who have no clue about anything but getting their bonus paid on time.
thats corporate greed live… it is what it is… most of the time the devs are innocent.

but math has never been the strong side of blizzard… remember 1000 + 40% = 1040 :smiley:


From what i heard, the devs completely ignore QA feedback. At least that’s what they did in early closed beta, because they didn’t fix broken stuff from back then that was reported on MANY times. This is a good example of how to not run a gaming company.


Think positive!
We are lucky, as this dev team were not working on banking system and flight system.

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Everyone in a profession gets paid. You realize there is no profession where nobody ever makes a mistake or something doesnt work as intended, right? Having a mental breakdown over stuff like this is just completely silly.

its not a break down… and yes i do realize it… its the fact it was even release and they had no clue… again… a simple test would have shown it

“hey before we release this live, me me take one more look in game”
i say this because raxx and them tested aoz at blizzcon so they had a way to showcase it… yet this happened… they could have full well known and held it off instead they released it and now we will patch it later… mean while i wonder how many hc toons died today not knowing their glyps werent up to snuff

Yep, this is a breakdown. You are crying about “time theft” over a silly video game :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:. So weird. You will be fine, I promise.

Haha. A life lesson for everyone.

It can always be worse