Game Crashing specifically after patch 1.0.3 (June 27th) (Addressed with Patch)

i cant believe they will address this today. i was alredy giving up for the weekend.

my client just downloaded. does someone confirm fix?

CPU OC not GPU while its still running at 100% utilization almost for Vram I havent crash in almost 3 hours. I was crashing every 5 minutes after the newest patch.

aaand crashed again: CAB5E3E7-BFCF-4478-85FE-AE870B0765DA

So there is a patch now? I kust got all comfy in ky bed and have my series x up to play lol

We have a client patch live on PC now. We will continue monitoring over the long weekend.


PezRadar please have someone take a look at this thread, its beyond annoying there being 400 posts and 0 communication from Blizzard’s part.

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testing now will leave feedback, maxed out resolution and assets
crossing fingers

that so called patch didn’t fix nothing. i can play D3 no problem at all but i go to D4 after this patch and guess what. it crashes again.

Still crashes just role back the patch.

I’ve been teleporting through the cities and it looks promising until now. It was impossible before.

Same settings as when it was working. I can’t even get to char selection screen now…
Patch 1.03a doesn’t work.


thank goodness. i was not looking forward to playing something else

EDIT: Pez do you think you could get a quick 2 sentence or less answer from the programmers about what they fixed?

We got a pool going here…

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Opened options to make sure I was on low settings, and crashed to black screen in less than 30 seconds. LOL

Went to afk in town for a bit, came back to crash to desktop with Fenris error… code: 8C3E3E92-3520-4C9A-934B-61F715A5F809

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Good stuff to know you are on it. Thanks

This fix worked really well, it was taking almost 5 minutes for me to crash before that, now I can crash under a minute just by teleporting from a town to another. Congratulations to all involved!


Absolutely pathetic, let out out another patch and now we crash in 30 sec or less, who wants to race and see who can crash faster, I vote me,

so far no crash- using up to 20gb on my 4090 lol

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I think i can tell exactly when the game was going to crash but it looked like the screen reset itself and it continued just fine…must have been a video memory dump or something :slight_smile: