Game Crashes at Diablo IV logo

I 2023.05.14 17:57:02.807611 [Crash] User defined symbols path: D:\Diablo IV - S - - Log Output

Have tried different drives, reinstalling, updating drivers, old drivers, different sound outputs, different monitors, adjusting ChromaEffects, SafeMode, VSync etc. Nothing seems to work

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I have the same issue. But, I was able to play from the launch for several hours. No real issues. No crashes. Then, after I logged out on Saturday afternoon, I was never able to log back in. I either get a freeze at a white screen, or it makes it to the Diablo IV logo and freezes. I have tried all of the recommended fixes. The only thing I can figure is they pushed out a hot fix that broke the game on my laptop (which is a gaming laptop that meets all requirements).

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