First Rogue Slow Going

I’m usually all about barbs and tried a necro trhis season. Got both to 100 and wanted to try a rogue, never tried the class before. He is currently level 60 and it seems he is painfully slow campared to the other 2 classes i tried.
I mean he can kill stuff, not real squishy but it’s like one at a time or a few at a time compared to the barb abd necro where i can walk into full packs and just blast through.
Right now i am doing a heartseeker build. I cleared capstone to get to wt3 at lvl 40 but it took about twice as long as normal.
Does it get better or are therir builds with better aoe.

I thought leveling was fine, cleared wt4 capstone around 40 using poison TB and exposure/poison traps. Was a bit surprised to see 500k+ ticks at the lower levels.

Heartseeker is busted but feel free to check poison barrage too. Rogue in general could use a rework a bit to make up for the consistent nerfs it has seen since season 1. Victimize is carrying it hard this season.

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Heartseeker is an endgame build.
It only shines if certain stat breakpoints are met.
It does not scale linear from 1 to 100.

Hello Apollo, what are you currently using for attacks. I’m using a version of the Rapid Fire build. I’m using Rapid Fire and Rain of Arrows with Poison Imbuement. Dash to get out of tough spots, which also gets the imbuement. Invigorating Strike when I run out of energy. I also use Caltrops but that’s just an afterthought. I usually forget about it and just use Dash or Evade. I’m just not a fan of the jump when Caltrops is thrown. You don’t go far enough, and I didn’t use enough points on it to really help. I also use Preparation since when you use 75 energy points you reset the Ultimate Skill which for me is Rain of Arrows. I also have at least one item tempered with a chance to get Rain of Arrows. I’ve found that really can make a difference when fighting large groups without having to activate it. I do have items tempered with Thorns so if something gets close it does get damaged. This is really my first attempt at the Rogue, I usually use a melee character. Since there isn’t a Paladin, and the only other melee character I like is the Barbarian, this is a nice change of pace. You have to think a little more about engaging enemies. One other thing I’ve noticed about the Rogue is, daggers are better than swords, at least with the build that I have.

Switch to Andariel’s puncture rogue asap

Deramsxare I would if I had gotten any of the items or had put points into the development tree. I’m pretty much stuck with this one and to be honest I kind of like poisoning the enemies.