Excruciating Queue Times and Eternally Loading Screens - An Open Plea to the Devs!

Hello fellow Nephalem,

Like many of you, I’ve eagerly awaited the new season in Diablo 4. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of starting fresh, racing to level, and searching for those much-coveted legendaries. However, as we plunge headfirst into this new era of mayhem and loot, a rather glaring issue has been pestering us - the horrendous queue times and the ensuing endless loading screens.

Now, I’m not typically one to complain, but this issue is reaching a boiling point. We’ve all been there - you wait through an abominably long queue, the anticipation building with each passing minute, only to get stuck at the second loading screen, doomed to forever load the game again. Adding insult to injury, trying to terminate the process only results in a forced reboot of the PC. This is not just frustrating; it’s unacceptable for a game that’s been online for over a month.

I get it. Launches can be rough, and it’s a mammoth task to maintain server stability amidst a horde of enthusiastic players. But, we are a month in. At this stage, it’s reasonable for us, the players, to expect smooth gameplay, especially considering that we are paying customers. Having to deal with these crippling technical issues after such a substantial amount of time is simply unacceptable.

The probable cause? Server overload. The solution seems pretty straightforward - add more servers. If the game’s overwhelming popularity is the issue, then that’s a ‘problem’ any company would love to have, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the gaming experience.

I can’t imagine this issue is easy to solve. Balancing server load, especially for a game as popular as Diablo 4, must be a colossal task. But isn’t that what we’re paying for? For a company with the resources and talent of Blizzard, this should be a surmountable obstacle.

I’d like to extend an open plea to the devs: We, the Diablo community, are begging you. Please look into these issues, consider our frustrations, and take swift action. We’re not asking for miracles - just the chance to enjoy the game that we love without having to endure endless queue times and loading screens.

Remember, we are more than just numbers in a queue. We’re your community, your supporters, your players. We are the heartbeat of Diablo 4. So let’s see those changes roll out, and make the Sanctuary a place worth fighting for - without the eternal wait!

May the RNG gods be with you all, and stay safe out there in Sanctuary.

Your fellow Nephalem.

P.S.: It pains me to add this, but due to the ongoing issues and the seemingly slow progress towards a resolution, I’ve decided to request a refund for Diablo 4. It’s not a decision I make lightly, but one driven by the desire to enjoy a seamless gaming experience that’s currently missing from D4.

With the refunded money, I plan on investing in Baldur’s Gate 3. Ironically, this game, even in its Early Access phase, offers a smoother and more stable gaming experience. As a passionate RPG fan, I can’t help but wish for the day when Diablo 4 can offer the same level of playability.

I still hold out hope that Diablo 4’s issues will be addressed, and the game will flourish into the gem we all know it can be. Until then, you’ll find me navigating the vast world of Faerûn. Good luck, my fellow Nephalems! May your loot be legendary, and your patience enduring.


Hi Aisu, I agree with every single word of yours. Wish you luck to BG3! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your kind words and support. It truly means a lot, especially amidst such a challenging situation. It’s encouraging to see that there are others who share similar views and are willing to speak up about it.

As for Baldur’s Gate 3, I’m definitely looking forward to immersing myself in its world and experiencing everything it has to offer. With its meticulous storytelling, immersive gameplay, and well-handled Early Access phase, it seems like a promising venture.

But let’s not forget: our hearts still belong to Sanctuary. Here’s hoping that Blizzard will take note of our concerns and take prompt, effective action to resolve these issues. Diablo has always held a special place in our hearts as gamers, and it would be a joy to see it return to its former glory.

In the meantime, let’s continue to hold companies accountable and advocate for better gaming experiences for all. Wishing you luck in your own gaming adventures as well. See you in Faerûn, friend, and hopefully, someday soon, back in a stable and satisfying Sanctuary!

Stay safe and happy gaming!

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Report back what happened with the refund ^^