Don't listen to the vocal minority

I and everyone I’ve asked who has played the game like it a lot. I played it last weekend too and I’m STILL having a blast. Most of the people complaining about the game make no sense. They hate the game so much they can’t stop playing it or talking about it.

The rest of us will continue to enjoy the game.


i like it as well, i just have a few issues with it that will probably make it hard for me to enjoy long term.

  1. the step backwards in smoothness and graphics from d3. it has a more d2 feel which to me is a bad thing. i hated d2.
  2. the stats that are on the gear look like something from a game from the 90’s early 2000’s. i hope that gets changed before release to base stats and secondaries.

i cant wait to see where it goes. i really hope it gets better and will continue to give it a chance until then.

The game sucks. Period. End of story.


I forced my self to play, I got 20 minutes in.

I picked up path of exile this week a d damn I’m been having a blast. Logged 70 hours this week. Im having a blast, but D4 couldn’t deliver than fun.

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You must have bad taste to hate one of the longest running popular and successful games that defined the whole arpg genre. :rofl:

But I agree with you that D4 sucks.

Can’t agree more. Haters gonna hate.

Love the game and I’m thinking of upgrading for the early access :sunglasses:

bad taste, naw. different, yes. i played d2 for a few months during its release and just could not get into the slow, sluggish gameplay with horrid low quality graphics. i guess i am different in that sense. also in music. most people like a song because they can relate to it through the lyrics. i dont listen or care about lyrics. i like songs based off how they sound. its called music after all. and in the case of d2 it did not stimulate me or entice me. bad games are just bad.

Man I just want a zoom out option, some permanent transformation for my druid, lower price tag, and a few AI tweaks to the summon AI.

I’m not a hater :frowning:

Ya’ll a bunch of casuals that NEVER played D2. You enjoy playing D4? Then I assume you enjoyed playing D3 as well, the infamous Diablo game that killed the franchise. D4 = D3 with a bunch of filler stats that don’t mean sh*t. RIP Blizzard.

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Overall I like the game and see the potential. I can’t imagine this not being a huge success even with a few hundred players on the forum saying otherwise.
Still there are quite a few points you can critizise, this game is far from perfect. But at least not hot garbage like D3 was on release.

I’m still having a great time and I can tell there is a good skeleton in it. There are however some very glaring tuning issues.

I decided to play poe this week, and I can’t stop playing. I couldn’t even force myself to play the beta.

When I logged the game felt so boring and all the systems felt so shallow.

Back to poe and played until 6am.

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D4 was made for D3 players, so yes everyone comming from D3 is gonna love this game.

No, not at all. If you liked D3, D4 feels like a step backwards. It is slower, it is sluggish, stats are all over the place. Melees feel like dogwater.
I really liked D3. Im now after this beta considering to not buy D4.

I really don’t understand how people here can judge the game when they didnt even saw endgame or at least 1/3 of the game. This goes for both sides: The “this game sucks / is awesome” crowd. According the those people the game is either release ready & game of the year contendor or garbage. I think D4 still has a lot of work to do and i really don’t see how the game can be released in 9 weeks. Its not polished at all.

I’ve played D2 for years and D2R.
D2 was good at his time, but not anymore.
Few examples :
Doing 1000 travs run, mephs runs or baalruns… Just became boring as hell.
I don’t think that’s the diversity of gameplay we need in 2023.
Lot of uniques or sets are just useless at Endgame. Runewords outclasses most of them.
No endgame except farming the same areas over and over.

For what i’ve experienced, D4 has a great future.

You are doing something wrong if that’s how you play diablo 2.

Tell me your secret please. Maybe i missed something, i don’t know.

Well, we can see it is MMO And thus open world must be static. Dungs are dynamically created but still have static position on the map. D1 to D3 were all dynamically created And every run once you left starting camp You always had different experience and must search for The things. Dungeons were randomly scattered across the world etc. This is non-existant in beta and probably will be the case for all acts. I play for story and repeat it for diverse.
We don’t know what will be at the end but if it is like in D3, it will only be about harder and harder rifts lmao…