Does the Eternal Realm Exist?

Guess I understand Diablo’s game direction with the quarterly board runs to the top but is that all that Diablo is now, To Be a Polished Leader Board?

I mean, that is what the streamers are after, right? I would like to see sets but some streamers do not see the point. This mean we won’t see them? Very little talks about gear and such but appears the biggest concern is the Leader Board.

Maybe that’s where the conflict is at with this game, remove the title “Diablo” and label it Leader Board, maybe sales would go down then.

It’s like the eternal realm is only the gateway for the test realm.

Does diablo make that much money off of the streamers? Are they the sales force?

Are we to be playing the game or living in the forums looking for answers…

Too many people look at the forums as a negative environment. When really it’s misery loves company and the wheel needs lube.

I think sets beyond 3 is too restrictive in the current design.

If they do something similar like the cube and expand ability to add more aspect powers then the bigger sets 5 ot 6 would be okay.

The question is how close does it have to be to d3 without being unique to itself.

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Shien built a multi billion dollar empire on the backs of influencer marketing.

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Well, I have a level 65 barb I started when the game released in the eternal realm. That I have not played since the seasons started. Have not played the eternal realm at all and do not see the point?

I have a level 100 sorc(season 1), 100 nec(season 2) and now I’ll be deleting my original barb(65) eternal realm because I have a level 100 barb in season 3.

Figure I would just create a different character every season. Eventually deleting them all for space.

So, basically I grind the season move on to another game and never play the eternal realm nor the character I ground to 100.

We cannot all be on top of a leader board nor do I want to grind a character to never play.