Diablo4 darcel bug

I went to break the quest and he is copied unlimited.

Same for me, impossible to complete the quest

Had the same issue, but killed 'em all, then ALL of them respawned again…

I just killed all of them twice with my Barb using Call of the Ancients and finished the quest.

It looked like there were at least 20 in total, but could be more, like 20-30 each time.

Looks like there is a bug where it should summon minions, but instead it (mostly) summons copies of itself.

Darcel is located roughly North from Braestaig.

As long as the bug exists you probably need to kill the “original” to prevent it from summoning more copies.

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some bug with Darcel he spawns a crazy amount north of Breastaig in Scosglen

same here, he’s duplicated in about 100 - funny glitch

Hey Guys . South of Darcel Bug ist a shrine. If you Trigger the shrine you Transform to a glowing Ball who Kills instant enemys next to you. As the ball you can kill hundrets of Darcels and gain XP ^^

Also had this glitch as I was playing with two friends and we were hilariously overrun. Luckily after the second spawning we killed them all and the glitch stopped.