Diablo 4 MMORPG

Save the game turn it into a full mmorpg/arpg hybrid open up new areas with harder monsters, leave current world tier system as the training area and start zone for casual players, (at the cost of buying the game) then get rid of battle pass and return to a monthly fee for those playing beyond current game world, that way blizzard get cash to develop better content, players get better areas and therefore harder mobs, better drops, and more involved experiences and here’s a thought… we can run our hard worked , heavily invested and grinded main character and still feel we are growing not stagnating by gaining further levels, special uniques and wait for it new cosmetics found (not bought) but no more horses seriously I don’t need a racing stable to get from point A to point B …. And for goodness sake provide player clan housing as a base to display all the crap we have on the 12 or more horses we currently own as well as any new content awards.

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You’re obviously new to disblo.

Yeah… only played 1, 2, 2 remastered, 3, immortal (yuck) and now 4… doesn’t mean things need to be static… as it is Diablo 4 isn’t it seems what a lot of the player base who put messages here or certainly what I wanted, so maybe radical change is needed… I don’t want to lose the feeling of satisfaction turning massive mobs to vapour or having an engaging story line, or developing my character (currently far to fast should be longer and more involved) - look at it this way I’m a mediocre player aged over 65 who has both his eternal and seasonal character at level 100 - I didn’t speed level, I didn’t run NMDs I didn’t get help, I just played the game….Diablo 4 isn’t really looking to be much more than a revamped 3, and season 1 hasn’t been a big positive… I’m looking forward to 4th and 10th Oct to hear how Blizzard will improve it though.
My post was really just an opinion I’m not looking for a revamped WoW but a more involved fun and rewarding isometric Diablo… currently it’s good, but after reaching level 100 twice what now - rinse and repeat NMDs as the world is fully explored and all quests done, if that’s it how many will stay after grinding to 100 then finding the only choice after NMDs is to try out the different builds of the character you play, discovering they don’t work as well as your original … I’d rather pay a monthly fee £/€/$ for a game with longevity, fun and interest than pop in for a couple of weeks every 3 months for a revamped version of the previous 3 months.

IF you played all of those, then you would not be wanting diablo to be an mmo or have a socialization aspect. Diablo has NEVER been about those things.

I realize that it is your “opinion”, but you and those like you need to stop lobbying for this game to be changed to suit your personal desires.

You have 2 choices. Play this game as it stands now and/or whatever blizzard sees as as their vision of the future of the diablo franchise may be, or don’t.

There are obviously things in this game that are broken (no i am not talking about end game content), like resistances, some combat mechanics of mobs, drop rates of certain aspects, and stat rolling system etc, but i BELIEVE blizzard will fix these things in the future. I am not defending blizzard or being a “fanboi” “white knight” blah blah blah…i am merely stating that because of the history of the diablo franchise and the bugs they had (minus D1). They have ALWAYS fixed issues. It may have taken them a couple years, but fixed them nonetheless.

“ Save the game turn it into a full mmorpg/arpg hybrid” IF you have played diablo as you have said, you would understand that this will NEVER happen. IF by chance that it did, it would ruin what the diablo franchise has been historically and they would also lose a huge chunk of their player base who have been loyal to this series. Diablo has NEVER been an MMO, a hybrid of an MMO, or used for group socialization. It has mostly been a single player game with on-line multiplayer aspects sprinkled in as of late.

If you want an MMO, go play WoW, elderscrolls, FF, etc.

“ doesn’t mean things need to be static…” diablo has ALwAYS been static. You get max level and just repeatedly ran dungeons. I can hear people say “not they werent”, but honestly anyone who thinks that diablo series hasn’t been static is kidding themselves. D2…Repeated Baal runs, cow levels, mephisto runs. How about D3? Repeated rift runs either alone or with a group of 2 or 3. “Oh, i turn it up to torment blah blah for a challenge. It’s different ”, yep and T100 dungeons arent a challenge?

Fact is, people these days want INSTANT gratification. No one is willing to wait for anything. d4 WILL expand…it WILL get fixed. They may make it into what your suggestions/opinions are. They may not. The 2 choices i stated above will still stand.

I have 3 100 toons as of right now with another one in the works (half heartedly though). I like the grind. I like the style of play. I have always liked what diablo stood for. I am not in denial what diablo is/was historically. Yes, some things need to be fixed (obviously), but the game itself is the same historically as every other diablo series. Those are just my opinions


[quote=“SchwedyBawlz-1831, post:4, topic:127034”]
Fact is, people these days want INSTANT gratification
[/quote] That sums it up alas, and I agree which is detrimental to the game, equally I can’t disagree with some of the other points you raise… but games have to evolve I had great hopes for D4 … when playing the Beta’s. I was instantly hooked on the look, feel and gameplay, and I will continue to play D4 for many months, possibly years to come… but instead of playing hours in an evening it’ll be 20-30 minutes when I am stuck for something else to do.
Perhaps you are right a hybrid isn’t the way forward. If only they could have remade D2 using D4 graphics I’d be in Diablo Heaven or is that Hell!
What we have just now in D4 isn’t bad, it is perhaps even very good in some areas but it isn’t an A1 game either, there are so many things that need adjusted and reviewed. A long term game can’t be built around the need to get every character to 100 and then run NMDs for ever more. Rebuilding the same characters every 3 months doesn’t lead to long term satisfaction either. Like you I am hoping Blizzard can turn it around and make it what the Diablo Franchise deserves, it won’t be a MMORPG I agree but it must be more than it currently is.

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I agree. All Diabo 4 did was ignite my thirst for a Diablo MMO. 19 years of WoW is enough. It’s time. Something with amazing graphics and lots of blood.

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