Devs - Latest Hotfix Breaks Tempest Roar Target Farming

Allowing all unique types to drop from any helltide chest effectively makes it impossible to target farm Tempest Roar (or any other specific unique for that matter).

Please consider finding an alternative workaround for the uber-unique helltide issue for season 1, as allowing us that small degree of agency in pursuing these rare, build-defining items is enough to turn an often discouraging and painful process into a legitimately fun and exciting activity.

I believe targeted helltide chests - when they are dropping slot-specific uniques - are genuinely one of D4’s strongest endgame features, and I would hate for an issue involving a handful of essentially non-existent items to ruin it.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I realize that this target farming method only actually existed in-game for about four hours, but I spent the first month of the game opening chests with the assumption that I could find a specific unique this way… and I don’t regret it all, because I was having fun. Just being under the illusion that I had some way to purposefully work toward the powerful item I wanted made the disappointment of not getting it far more tolerable.


The chests just give you a higher probability of getting the item type that the chest is.

The game rolls item type before rarity. Getting a different unique doesn’t somehow diminish your chances of getting a TR. You’ll still have the same chance of helmets dropping.

Are you sure? There’s nothing to suggest that uniques are weighted toward their respective chests in the patch notes - did they clarify this elsewhere?

Continuing the discussion from HOTFIX 2 - July 7, 2023 - 1.0.4:

I read this as them removing target farming specific chests.

I read it as if you have only boots and hand chests to open during helltide you also have a chance to get every other unique.

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