Debunking arguments for why exploited shakos should stay

If it doesn’t make sense to you maybe your the kid.

You want to play season? Go ahead. But don’t go telling people that don’t that their way of playing doesn’t matter because it’s not yours.

Opening a chest is not an exploit. S

Dear Diary.

Day 4 : It’s been rough, still no Shako, but I’m holding out hope and I still have a full box of Kleenex.

Day 5: I’m down to my last bag of Cheetos, but I got this, Skako will be mine.

Day 25: Just ate the last of my Cheeto dust, I can smell Shako it’s so close but I’m all out of Kleenex.

Day: 197: …Shako?..hehehhe…oh Shako? Are you there…hehehehe…?

not necessarily, but if you know it’s bugged and open it trying to get the Uber legendaries, as most people did during the exploit, it is

I do not care about it- the small chance I will meet these Plus Four Cheater hatted guys in a PvP area is minuscule.

I do care that I won’t ever see a DOOM BRINGER or GRANDFATHER SWORD at the current chance drop rates. They need to imake them possible. I found like 4 Goors gloves and 3 Terminty pants and I’m level 92 playing solo.

So the dip rate should be about 1/5 if the chance of Goors gloves to drop which would mean at level 92 I have gotten just one drop already.,vid:Cc-4G0TUUo0

Your way of playing doesn’t matter.

Still no. Its a chest with drop rate high, maybe not what the devs wanted but what they programmed.

Players simply did very effective mf.

I don’t play at all now. That way does matter since it’ll mean less battlepass and shop money for Blizz should enough people choose it.

They dont care about your reasoning or arguments. They are egocentric to a fault and entrenched in their beliefs. I could write a ten page essay outlining every reason they are wrong and why, and it wouldn’t matter. Its like trying to talk to a child.

No, it just means you can’t read so I’m sure leaving this here won’t help you. Kid.

Thank you very much for linking this to me.

It’s literally on the front page…

It does effect me. People used an exploit to attain the best item in game. Blizz realized the mistake fixed the bug so they should remove the bugged drops. It sets a terrible standard too exploit early and often as the only way to win and have fun.

People will quit over this and it’s well justified. The Devs got this decision wrong. It can’t be logically defended. Even their own ToS says this was abused and should be removed.

Even if 1 bugged Shako dropped that is too many. So 142 is 142 too many and need to be removed to have fair standards where players have trust in the game.

It really doesn’t, but let’s assume it does because that’s what you believe. They’re still keeping their shakos. Get over it.

We don’t have to assume. I literally just said it effects me. Yet you shrug it off. So you are not listening.

Which will cause massive player loss. It’s wrong for in every way for Bugged items to stay when it was exploited. Even the ToS says it’s wrong.

No. This will never be forgotten. They got it wrong and will always be wrong. This hurts the game in serious ways. You statement here is childish as well. Why even post on the forums.

This isn’t even the correct word. And this?

Another assumption.

Like I said. You’re just mad you don’t have one. Get over it.

Flagging you for trolling and ignored. Not gonna waste my time. Good day.

Says I’m trolling but he’s literally crying on the internet over a pixel. Ok kid.

Debunking arguments that devs are going to change their mind on their decision and care what a random post on the forums say

  1. They’re not going to
  2. They don’t care what you post about it