Death Pulse nightmare modifier + Goblin = instant death?

Not so short story. Sadly i don’t have any videos of this, and never met goblin in nightmare dungeon with Death Pulse affix except this one time.

Hardcore, level 60 druid vs tier 9 nightmare dungeon with Death Pulse affix. First section had “kill all” task, so i saw monsters on minimap. I had more than enough damage reductions and armor to tank anything, all previous explosions from Death Pulse affix caused almost no harm. In last room of this section i saw goblin, there were no other monsters nearby (1 monster left for task, no other marks on minimap). I had full life and fortify since i didn’t take any damage fighting goblin. As soon as he died, my druid died too. Elite monster spawned (since i completed the task), but i was dead already before it approached.

In “Hall of fallen heroes” it is stated that i was slain by unknown killer. So my only suggestion is that death pulse, caused by goblin death, dealt much higher damage than it should, instantly deleting my character.
Can’t reproduce it again on softcore, since meeting goblin with same affix again is too rng-gated. Shouldn’t be a problem to test it for Blizzard testers, and, hopefully, save other peoples’ hardcore characters.


I’m gonna help signal boost this. Lost my 97 druid to the same thing. Hopefully they do something about this bug. Also I have it clipped. It’s definitely the Death Pulse that does it.


The same thing just happened to me. I was doing T26 nighmtmare with my 76 Necro and after killing the treassure goblin i instantz died.
I am a casual player and loosing 86 hours to such a bug is really bad…
is there anz way?


HOLY I have been looking for exactly this. I lost my lvl 100 HC Rogue a couple days ago and watched the replay dozens of times trying to figure out what went wrong. This is 100% it! Clip below showing the exact same thing happening to me.

My rogue had 14k+ hp, tons of dmg reduction and normally the death pulses do nothing to me. Kill the goblin thinking he’s an easy target for some loot and INSTAKILLED 100-0 no warning.

I doubt we get any help here but other people should definitely be aware. RIP to us all :frowning:

forum won’t let me post a link because it’s my first post here… I have a clip saved on twitch on twitch dot tv fw-slash unclemumble showing the death


The issue was fixed in 1.0.4.

  • Fixed an issue where Treasure Goblins slain in a Nightmare Dungeon with the Death Pulse Affix would deal significantly more damage than intended with its post-death explosion.

“Significantly more damage” :stuck_out_tongue: