Day 2, error code 300010

Code 300010 since yesterday at 1:30 CST, queued.

Posting for posterity here and in the technical support forum.

But lets break this down. Early access open beta was an incentive to pre-order D4, it was highly publicized in every shop that D4 was sold on. On top of that, they rewarded players with a companion if they reached a certain level in the early access open beta. Meaning, that pre-order players would have enough time in game to reach that level and receive their special reward.

However, a few things.

  1. Many console players have been unable to actually play for any decent length of time due to authorization servers being bugged.
  2. Early access open beta being only for those who pre-ordered the game was a bait and switch. KFC sandwich, nothing more need be said.
  3. This seems to be a console only error (or at the very least, a rare PC issue) However, we have no one even recognizing the console complaints in detail, or giving us any information. But the PC forums are lit up with devs.

I don’t want my money back, I am going to play at release regardless. I want the time I was promised I would have to test the game and get my companion. If they can’t give me that, then just give me the companion.

It’s really that simple.


Yes the devs need to fix this problem asap because there are still probably more console players than pc players and it seems like they are showing favoritism by only offering assistance to one group of players

Sorry to say this but our server has been crap since realese since yesterday as well so get your fact stright before coming with the BS about favoritism. Been kicked out more then 10 times since start and that is not counting the time you just been siting waiting in que EVEN as a PC player. So stor this BS…

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For whoever this may concern, if your on console check and make sure yoyr game is updated. I was gettung code 75 and code 300010. After restarting my xbox, i manually checked for updates and there was one. So maybe try that :slight_smile: