D4 has seriously excluded all humor?

Very dreary and depressing. Hard to imagine Whimseydale or Cow levels in this game, hopefully they will show up, along with treasure goblins. Doesn’t feel like Diablo. Hilarious interaction with and between followers cheered things up as well. Not enough mobs either, but I can understand if you cut back because of anticipated lag, hopefully there will be more at launch


Goblins are in the game, killed a few earlier.


I agree very dismal here. You won’t see any chicken builds I imagine…and all that violin music. Had to turn the music off.
I won’t even bring up my Sorc’s two black eyes…

You are in the minority here wanting the game to not be dreary and ‘depressing’ (I would use hopeless instead). 99% of the fan base does not want another fruity pebble game like diablo 3 with unicorns and teddy bears secret levels


i don´t mind cow level.

but treasure goblins shouldn´t have returned.

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I was a big fan of the secret level, but it was a level meant for those that have already completed the game. It was comic relief easter egg and not meant to represent the game in it’s entirety.

That being said, I enjoy how dark the game is. Hell has literally broken loose in the world and destroyed everything countless times. There are demons and witches and real evil all around you. Of course it’s going to be dark and depressing. That’s the world you are in. I did enjoy the funny banter between followers and the occasional joke or random quip from D3. I think there should always be some comic relief but in moderation.

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The only humor of the game is how much it combined the worst elements of Diablo 2, Diablo 3, and Diablo Immortal and they called it “Diablo 4”, standing for 4/10.

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What’s wrong with treasure goblins? They are a cameo from an old game called Golden Axe. I like them, nice little bonus when wandering the wilderness. Also, I like them for the Greed Level.

Diablo 4 is missing some of the humor that was in Diablo 1 but that’s because the people who are making Diablo 4 can’t write at all. It’s all technical to make the game look pretty to sell.

In Diablo 1 we had monsters to talk to and they gave us quests.

“Pleeeease. No hurt. No Kill. Keep alive and next time good bring to you.”


After playing the beta I highly doubt there will be something like a Cow Level, the game feels like a far worse Path of Exile-Diablo3, this game is so weird and I personally hate it after the beta even though I was already sure this game will be terrible they still surprised me …

I mean yeah there is a HUGE difference between comedy in a dark and bleak world and whatever D3 was. Marvel-esque quips that completely undermine the serious nature of the situation. Or the completely annoying ramblings of Covetous Shen. What a waste of an S tier voice actor…

Lysander in A2 Diablo 2 being a curmudgeon who doesn’t take anything seriously and says “eh what the **** do you want?” Subtle comedy that helps break up the bleak depressing atmosphere and generally serious nature of the rest of the NPC merchants makes his character stand out.

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same here… they’re just very rare to come across from what i’ve experienced as well.

Found two while leveling to level 20 but they felt totally out of place, terrible experience.

yes its sadly gone.
i’m missing that my character says something after a big kill streak or multi kill ( i’m so good i astound myself ) its all bland and boring.
the game take itself to serious.


I wish there was a bit more humor, but I don’t mind it being missing as the game is supposed to be dark and depressing People starving while trying to survive amongst monsters, undead, demons, and the war between heaven and hell. It’s not a nice place and likely very little joy to be had for the most part. Everyone is focused on survival.

I did however find a brazier that says “Inarius is a goat”

It’s interesting how people though D2 was the best ever and it is dreary, depressing and dark hold cow level.

People cry because D3 seemed to cartoon and light (Though really wasn’t light at all)

D4 went back to the theme in D1 and D2 and people… are mad? Ya’ll are impossible.


Seems you never played D1 or D2 … D4 went back to the theme ?! are you kidding me?


I played both.

Did you ever read the books?

I’m a little more in tune thn you ever will be.

Here doubt jpeg.
Who cares if they use the real story if the way the give it to you is just garbage ? This game needs atleast a complete overhaul with skills, “pseudo-skilltree” and the open world.

Yawn. Go back to listening to your content creator that lives off your donos.

Go watch a Marvel movie or something if you want your American tv family friendly cringe humour. Go back to playing D3 if you don’t like it but you don’t know what core of Diablo series was.

Thank you Blizzard for not including that. Keep the dark atmosphere please. Game looks ten times better than Diablo 3.