D3 item duplication bug reproduced in D4, good job blizzard

Player A and B forms a party.
Player A drops items on the ground for player B or trade to B
Player A force close the game.
Player A logs back in, items are still in A’s inventory while B also holds them.
I guess this is also why server freeze randomly now because everyone is duplicating things.


well…they’ll enjoy some FREE…deserved ban i guess for those that do it intentionally :stuck_out_tongue:

especially since it’s a rather easy exploit for devs to see since each items in online game have some hidden ID.
if there’s some with the exact same ID (calculated from discovery time, date , stats, players ID etc…) it’s rather easy for a dev to spot.

and once again if done more than once and kepts the items each time (or sold it) you can’t say you didn’t do it on purpose.

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Describing the procedure here may get banned too.


Doesn’t even matter honestly. Loot boring as hell, no reason to play the game.


its not the exact method from what I know, but ppl are having trillions of gold and sharing items of exact values already

So incompetent. It’s astounding.


in b4… ‘It not effect me at all i find my own items so it not a problem’

Have a doombringer for sell? :rofl:

This is the type of flagrant incompetence I’ve come to accept this game can never escape under its current leadership.

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Except bots will farm gold cap in no time
Sell gold to some insecure weirdos
They will buy items from market
Billions of gold flooded on market making trading basically worthless for average Joe

but yeah, at least they will ban exploters who will just make 10 new accounts from RMT money

What’s the point of duping in this game? Your gonna swap your 820 weapon with another identical 820 weapon for the sake of making it feel like a new weapon?

This is the reason we have Seasonal wipes every 3 months.

Apparently ARPG developers s can’t figure out how to secure net code.

If only duping made items interesting…or relevant…


When you hear things like this, it becomes even more ridiculous when someone opens his mouth to say that d4 has nothing to do with d3.

Are you blind at all? This is stupid copy paste from and to. In any other cases, such things are simply impossible.

D2 had mass duping also.

LMAO please stop.

It is completly the same as in D3. Nothing to do with D2 dupes.

he meant that every game of the diablo franchise had duping method
which is true.

well, aside from immortal , maybe ? don’t know about that one really.

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yeah but i meant that if we have exactly same bugs it only means that it is completly copypaste.

indeed, but that’s not really new to the gaming industry
Rather sad though

many and many zelda BOTW bugs and glitches can be found in zelda TOTK for example

as long as the next game of a franchise uses some similar coding or graphics than the previous ones , this is bound to happen

if diablo 3 had been made with diablo 2 codes/graphics, it would have it’s duping methods and glitches.

it doesn’t define the game itself though (what it offers etc…) simply it’s way of animation, of handling packets and any other serversided files etc…

and it does bring things such as this or how the game calculate the stash of others players for no reasons.

usually making a game from the ground up is better yea

but the devs were in a crunch, so…no chance of that.

it depends on how you look at it.

For example, we all understand perfectly well that the mechanic of level requirements for items was completely from d3. In any normal game, it would depend on the quality of item but in d4, there is no. Because the system is completely out of d3.

Apparently this is such a serious problem that they could not solve it, except for a cosmetic change in the binding of level requirements for ancestral max 80 min 60, etc. In d3 it was not a problem at all, because 1-70 took naturally 2 minutes, here it is a serious problem and one of the stupidest design solutions. And there are many such things.

Therefore, for me personally and for many in general, it has already become clear that nothing will come out of the game in connection with the core mechanics of d3.