Crossplay Options Grayed Out

Pretty straight forward, the options for cross network play are grayed out and therefore unavailable.

It was widely reported it would be a feature for beta and launch, hoping it’s a bug and not the feature being saved for launch only.

In saying that, this is the early access to the beta, might not be switched on yet.


Also happening to my friend on Xbox. (I am on PC). I can connect to all of my friends playing on PC, but not my friend on Xbox. Would appreciate an update on this.


Its possibly disabled while they work with the main issue which is login ques and what not, or it could be limited to the 2nd weekend which is open to everyone.

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I have it on pc. I got it for my friend on xbox. His crossplay is grey as well. Hope its in the beta. Any luck from any one else

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Join a party is only way around it.

How do you half a$$ cross play for the private beta people that actually spent money on pre ordering, disrespect…


Same!! I have a picutre of it being greyed out on my Xbox. But my friends are capable of doing crossplay. So apparently it’s not platform specific. If it isn’t fixed by the end of the beta I’m canceling my preorder.
Diablo 4: Crossplay greyed out, not accessible.

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heh I disable the crossplay in settings at the beginning of the beta. not really all that interested in group play. for me diablo was a solo game and that is the way I like playing.

That’s great and all for you…. But that doesn’t help those of us who are wanting to play Diablo 4 with our friends on different platforms.

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It will be available when the full game releases haha why would you cancel now when you be able to do so when it fully releases :rofl:

I’m on xbox. Mine was grey all last weekend and I was playing with my pc friends every day.

I had this issue way I solved it is Xbox is ask pc for friend request they accept. Then once your friend u should be able to join each other

You have to create a clan and have some one from a different console join it


same problem here I am playing on pc and my friend on ps5 , and he canot invite me and I am canot invite him is disable
the is any solution
still not working at season 2

Its been broken since yesterday. Blizzard has spent decades mastering the art of failing during game, expansion, and major patch launches. There is mention of this issue during login. It also states that they will give an update on this issue. Been a full day, still no update or fix.
Give them a few days to resolve the issue. In the meantime appreciate Blizzard for releasing a season that you cant play with your friends because by the time they fix the issue they will be done playing.
Thanks again Blizzard.


Yup 24 hours and not one word about it, only blizzard…