Crashing on Series X multiple times a day

Anyone else get booted from D4 multiple times a day? I play on an Xbox series X and this happens to me all of the time. The game freezes for a second, then kicks me out to the dashboard. In the last 2 days I have gotten absolutely screwed out of 3 uniques, one was a ring, probably either a Hunter’s Zenith or Mother’s Embrace, a Fleshrender and the ever illusive Tempest Roar. I don’t have this issue playing any other game and it’s not an overheating issue or internet connection issue. I am able to log right back in after getting booted. This has happened while playing solo or in a group with PC players and I’m the only one that ever gets booted in the group…


If you’re in a highly dense area like a spider dungeon I’d suggest just stay out if you’re using a pulverizer/landslide Druid. I found it to crash my game on XSX. I’m not sure exactly what caused it? Maybe the multiple landslides or the fact it would have vulnerable text all over the screen to the point I couldn’t see the fight. It’s almost identical to the lag Area Damage AD would give in a group in D3. Even when you’re solo it does this in D4. I can get it to happen with my rogue as well in a dungeon like that but I just avoid them.

Lol, avoiding density in a mob killing game.

Yes, I get multiple crashes per day on series x.

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Havent crashed since first week.

Been perfectly fine here.

I dont know if this would matter, but i am also running an additional 2T drive on my xbsx. I have my games set up where the ones i don’t play often are on the added drive, and the ones i do are on the main. Idk if that makes a difference, but i haven’t had any crashes. It does get a little slow with loading when i roll up to an event like legion or a WB, but i figured it was due to the game switching servers.

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Yes, crash every time i play, usaly after 5-6 dungeons, after getting back to town. Close to putting down the game because of this and the dungeon death spawn being 1-1,5 min walking away from where you died. Walking through an empty dungeon are not what I call fun!!

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Xbox series X

Yup. Game is in Super Crash-O-Matic mode for me too. Ugh.


Same on XSX. Can’t be a built in drive issue…I only have two games loaded on the machine (one of which I haven’t played in months) and have lots of room to spare.

edit: only once have I crashed while in the middle of the fight. The rest of the umpteen times per day it does so in town when I’m walking from vendor to vendor.


Havent crashed since launch day.

I have a 2T external though, and only run games i play regularly on the main drive:

I dont know if that has anything to do with it, but i have not had one single crash since june.

I play on Series S and have crashed maybe 2 or 3 times total since game launch.

Been getting crashing a lot since start of season 1 horrible mess

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I’ve posted it a few times for people having this issue.

When you first start seeing lag, wrap up your event or whatever you’re working on, port back to town and log out to main screen. Then log back in.

This has helped 10/10 for me so far.

May not help you at all but worth a shot.

No crashes on my Xbox Series X so far. Is your storage full? I only got 3 games in my internal storage and I got an emptyer high speed external 1TB card as well.

When I go to PvP areas, after a while, the game slows down but I think that’s more an issue of the game than the console because by itself, Xbox is still responsive

Xbox series X. Game crashes multiple times a day; most noticeable on the weekends during long gaming sessions. Hopefully this is fixed in 1.1.1 … .1 :slight_smile:

Edit for GreyGhost: Internal storage is not full. Also experiencing lag/stuttering in PvP zones. I have high speed Internet as well. Console is Ethernet connect to my router.

Never had a crash not once. Only issues were first week i got disconnected a few times; no issue in pre launch just launch week.

I have seen alot of complaints about ps5 crashing.

X box x keeps crashing on me. Usually it is in town but crashed today in Helltides and lost my 67 HC chat. Super frustrating

Same here. I havent got a single session since launch without the issue. Have 600 hours played inclusive 50-70 crashes. Done all the possible troubleshoot actions but the issue never leaves. Other games no problems. Most painfull is that as a console player no suppport ticket can be made. Blizzard is not even mention this issue that alot of people have. I play on xbox x

This is happening to me. The crashing thing is not fixed yet. I don’t know what can I do to solve the problem. Diablo 4 is the only game that crashes on my series X

Sorry others are having issues. My X series that came with the game never seems to crash. Hopefully they get this resolved for others.

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