Consumables OVERLOADED!

So yeah, we are in season 3 and i’m little bit confused.
We are running over and over the same Dungeon, same Vault, picking up all items and consumables and now my whole stash is full with Elixir and Sigil…

Is that something new? No…
We handled it to remove gems from the inventory, we got 7 or more new consumables and no one is talking about this?

Surely, i can visit any Seeker of Knowledge and salvage the Sigil, or just sell the Elixir or dont pick em up, but is that the solution of an AAA Title Game?

I ve played a lot D1, D2, D3, Immortal, D4 now…

There is so much potential, so please make D4 better and better with every season.

I really wish the old Horadrim Cube back, the old runewords like in d2 but yeah we’ll see what the future holds.


You honestly can’t do the same for Sigils as they have done with Gems. Sigils of the same Dungeon cannot stack because of the different affixes each one has. It wouldn’t be able to work. The only exception is if the developers created a separate tab just for Sigils when you loot them.

Elixirs are fine, they’re in a inventory and stackable to 50. Just sell the ones you don’t use OR save them in a separate inventory tab in your main chest for when they move to Eternal.

I been saying for a while now that we should be able to salvage elixirs to their raw materials.


They could, they just haven’t yet.

Here ya go, free of charge:

  • Instead of Sigils dropping, drop the powder equivalent
  • ANY Dungeon can be made Nightmare w/Powder
  • Powder cost scales with NMD Level and selectable traits

I would actually invert the traits to select ones NOT wanted, then randomize the remainder. The more unwanted traits, the higher the cost.

Oh look - no more Sigils needed! No more wasting time smashing them or creating them. A simple menu does it.

Potions can all 100% be moved to Materials Tab. They are all identical to each other.

All summons materials are literally materials already. Put them in the tab.


Actually technology exist… Do you know PoE? Maps stash?

I would be ok with salvaging potions into mats much like they now do with gems and sigils.

While leveling all potions are usable, after 100, i don’t touch the weak elixers and go straight for the heady stuff i i need to.

And while we are at it, get rid of incenses. Does anyone use them?


Would be nice to convert ice guy mats into eggs. I got 500+ lol


Some random person keeps using them at Legions because I keep getting the buff randomly. I never use them myself.

I do, mainly because they fixed the issue where they vanish on death. They stack with potions, so if I know I’m going in to do some NMD 100s or Duriel or Lillith, I’ll pop on Incense + Potion.

Incenses are also neat in that if you play with a group, everyone can use one to stack effects.

I just wish the duration MATCHED THE POTIONS.

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That would also my idea to handle this.

No longer drops of Sigils and we would have more space for Potions or Incenses, the real consumables in my opinion.

Put the summon stuff also in the material tab and we can go with that.
to exchange some of em to another would be great but not needed.

A other thing are those tons of Aspects that we farming all over again and again, but this is another story…

Salvage bro. Salvage.

You gotta be responsible for playing at some point. If not then why play? Control yourself and manage your business.

Thats the point :smiley: i want to play the game… hack and slay big groups of monster and fight for the world… not manage my stash over and over again ;D

Its also a mess in my opinion that we kill a World Boss in under 20 seconds… it should be something real epic and not like this with mechanics fun to play and play as team or group whatever.

That’s actually brilliant.

Mostly because of this.

They should move sigils out of the inventory, we discussed forever about this particular matter and I hope they will acknowledge it on the next Campfire.

You just said you don’t want to play again.

Overflowing is better than scarce. Dont whine too much. If Blizz decided to make it scarce, you would regret it.

We need a Kanai’s Cube for consumables.