Can't Roll Frigid Fitness WTH? 500M G

Seriously Blizzard? why can’t I roll this onto a necklace? stop the hate on us. its ok to have more than 2 meta classes…

Yes, its hard, I just use the best Frigid Finesse Amulet I can find even if it is not GA.

I understand why its not weighted in our favor as it is a strong affix…but imo spending over 100mil on amulet rolls should net you one of the Passive affixes.

I spent 800 mil to reroll +2 exploit on my amulet. Don’t lose hope.

Where the hell are you people getting so much gold?

I farmed it all by doing whispers and selling items. I’m trying to farm for duriel mats anyway so needed to be done either way.

Made a fortune of gold selling Heartseeker gear since im not playing it.

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ok thanks, good to know

I should say I’m playing solo self found, so no trading no partying. Trading items away will get you gold much more quickly.

I’m wondering if this affix is really available. Well I know it is, but the chance seems so low that i’ve never seen a single amulet drop with it in more than 80 hours of playtime. I’ve lost face in finding a GA amulet on Frigid finess, harder to find than Shako actually.
Honestly, def stats bucket on amulet should be reduced by 2 if not totally removed. Life on hit, life regen, max life, %armor… should not be available on amulet as it is the only piece eligible to offensive passive skills opposed to 4 pieces of armor (head chest legs feet) eligible for def affixes.