Can we get a response on the Shako already

It’s been 12 hours now Blizzard. Surely there are people in the office to address this? Or are we going to be left hanging until Monday?

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They said a fix would be released today. It’s 8am in California right now.

Says the fix is estimated for Friday afternoon pacific time.

Likely between 4-9 hours from now.

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They won’t do anything about the people that got the drops because they don’t care about the eternal realm anymore. The seasonal realm is their new cash cow.


It’s 8 am in Cali bro, no one is in the office LUL.

GG EU - no Diablo 4 today then :'/

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I keep hearing this, but if it doesn’t matter, why are they wasting time patching it?

Your indignation not is justified, for I am acquainted with numerous individuals who have invested countless hours into the game, only to find themselves bereft of any desirable rewards. It is an exasperating situation indeed, especially considering that they have successfully triumphed over the most arduous challenges the game has to offer. One cannot help but ponder the rationale behind intensifying the acquisition difficulty.


Was this written by ChatGPT?


Meanwhile blizz dev team

Rob: Okay guys, how do we fix this?
Dev1: Don’t ask me, I only do seasons
Dev2: Don’t ask me, I just do cosmetics
Dev3: Don’t ask me, I just do bosses
Dev4: You asked me to put uniques in chests, now you tell me not all uniques, don’t ask me, i do what you say


“Murder your darlings.” - Arthur Quiller-Couch

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Rollback! Or give the items to everyone so its fair. Why even bother farming like crazy when people got the items like nothing. You cant just reward half of the userbase with the best items. It will be super unfair from you to leave them have the items. Give the drops to everybody or rollback!

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You are not mad that it happened. Your are mad that You did not participate. It was the same as with the Ashava mount.

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They never did, and shouldn’t anyway.

I am mad because i spent hours and hours farming like a crazy, and then seeing everyone else getting the pieces i want in 30 minutes, i am mad because we all know that they will not do anything to fix this situation, if you can’t understand that this is actually unfair for those who are playing for the uber uniques, then maybe you’re just one of those guys who dropped it


:confused: 20 character crap

Ive got a pile of Uber Uniques
I put them on the floor and roll around in them naked.
I dress my skeletons in them and we pretend we are a boy band , Uber Skinny Drip.
Soooooooo good.

maybe they can get moe curly or larry to do it

Fixed that for you. Prob more accurate picture.

That was super sad from Blizzard side 142 accounts got the drop. Well then should be simple to remove it from them. Rollback their accounts and grant them 50% more exp for 24h as a reward. But dont let them keep the exploited items. A rollback was a must here. How would the people playing the game feel about this being fair. Poor job Blizzard poor job! Sure this decision came from some manager that is just a hater and decides the type of things that he shouldnt. Anyway it seems that bad management is inside this company as any other :slight_smile:

142 accounts that have no affect on your gameplay.