Camera will now zoom out

I zoom it out but it still doesn’t give me the whole map in one screen. I have to click and drag it around. No good

Ditto, I’ll probably continue to play the game as it was intended because I’m used to it.

But something caught my ear when I looked at a you tube video from "Ryker’ I belive…

The reason why everything was so zoomed in was because they (Who ever is in charge) wanted people to see the cosmetics and be tempted to buy cosmetics for themselves.

If that’s true that is a very SHRUDE Move… lol cause it worked! :sweat_smile:

Finally… So far I am cautiously optimistic about S4.

This is probably the best change announced!

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For some added context, the way it works is that there will be two options now. One is a Standard zoomed feature which is how it is presently in the game. The other will be a Far feature which is what some noticed yesterday.

Some platforms like PC (but not Steam Deck) will default to the Far zoomed out feature. There will be a new option in the menu to change this to Standard as well. Steam Deck can also change it, but I just want to note their default is the Standard zoom.

Consoles will also have these two options as well.

The team did some extra checks on performance for this as this does increase draw distance and add some more things on the screen. If players experience any performance related items during PTR, please let us know in the PTR forums when those open up. It is important for us to make sure we get that in.


my ranged chars are more than happy :smiley:

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It’s so much easier to see zoomed out, lol :smiley:

Big thank you to PezRader, you guys did a good job yesterday, don’t let the forum Karen’s get under your skin.


Should have been so since day one.

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So with the camera zoom out, does that mean on world bosses it will zoom out even more or will it remain the same?

I want the legion/world boss event timers made so that you can click them and it centers the event location on the map as best as possible (something like Fractured Peaks world boss spawn would be off center but more clearly shown as your center is close to that location).

The whisper progress bar should teleport you to the Tree of Whispers waypoint when clicked on once it’s full. That is the most annoying click and drag as it’s done constantly.

Would imagine this wouldn’t change, they only mentioned the initial zoom out in relations to the character in normal areas, not World Boss areas. It’s already beyond maxed zoom in the World Boss areas mostly due to the size of the boss and the fact only 12 people total can fight it at any given time. You don’t have other NPC’s, buildings, enemies, etc. cluttering up the screen and causing issues.

Will we be able to trade uniques and Ubers??? Asking for a “pal”

I hope this game doesnt get too complicated.
Im already overwhelmed and now they add tempering system.

They gotta do this slowly and step by step I hope that wasnt too much

try this

credits to reddit

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The team did some extra checks on performance for this as this does increase draw distance and add some more things on the screen.

Incredible work. I never expected the engine would be able to zoom out further, without disturbing large assets.

Well done! I love this attitude. Keep on going!

Can’t wait to try it and actually know WHERE MY CHARACTER IS :rofl:

Great news!

Only thing left to do is: Allow Zoom-In to be remapped to another key…oh maybe Z?

This will free up mousewheel to a plethora of options(eg. Force Move ala D3 for over a decade…)

I simply cannot wrap my head around why Zoom In is Mousewheel or bust. It’s an on/off feature due to this restriction.
Pretty much every control should be customizable(ie. [ENTER] - why can’t this be remapped??).