Blizzard philosophy ,be warned

So what are you doing here?

Nobody cares about Eternal, but here they keep trying to justify Blizzard.

i just want my money back :smiley:

Seasons are a big part of why I enjoy arpgs nowadays. It completely invigorated the genre

After that, it doesn’t matter, with this decision they have killed the target drop for Eternal, in the end they have achieved what they wanted, that it only be played in cycles of 3 months (which are actually two weeks).

OP’s philosophy: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :sob:

Yeah, we can take down part of game immidiately or nerf skill in 24hrs but we don’t fix bugs more than month old for example that prevents some builds to receive glyph upgrade at the end of NM dungeons. Sounds “fair” to me.


The streamers who got them will likely hide them so they don’t get a reputation for using a Shako as a crutch because it’s so OP. They’ll discretely switch their helmet to a Shako during a commercial break and clean house in PvP. Blizz basically condoned cheating and it probably is because of who got them…it’s sad to see such a bad response.

No-one cares what you do or your inability to think beyond yourself like a dimwit. People PVP on eternal realm because that’s where you can min/max perfect gear on your dueling character. That’s destroyed now.

That’s a good point, you’re probably right. They didn’t want to risk alienating the few influencer streamers who play their game. The streaming numbers are already hemorrhaging, if people like Rob or Quin leave they’ll drop out of the top 50.

Is it destroyed because every second person got a Shako? What happens when two guys with Shakos fight against each other? Wouldnt Shako be by design unfair and everyone who would get it through farming eventually would destroy PvP? Because its simply fact that the droprates of these items will be increased in the future.

Are there a PvP ? I only see HoTA

Not a big deal. Dont worry so much about something so insignificant in a video game.

I’m starting to think they may have deliberately done this to divide a relatively divided community even further…

Thing is (at least on paper), it should be exactly the opposite of what they want :thinking:

Never attribute to malice that what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

im allready done whit the game . I will return in season 1 becouse i payed 100 dollars for this beta and want to get some of my moneys worth from that battlepass , but after that i will probably return when the game is fixed and there is somthing to do in it.

End game , alldough has many features is basicly non existent
Items are crap
PVP is not balanced (and probably will never be)
QOL features are basicly non existent
Horse feels like riding the Flintmobile from the flinstones…IN REVERSE
Uber uniques besides the ‘‘upsy’’ are not worth hunting for them 1 in drop chance no thx i realy dont need somthing like this in my life.
Games dead allready

I still can’t wrap my head around how fairness matters to them, just not fairness “right now”. At a later date, fairness will matter. But not today.


thats idiotic … delete all your characters. So you are poor all the time with no decent end game items?

In d2, the non ladder was perfectly playable

Fact is that gamers today are spoiled girls

They think so lowly of their player base. They think we are stupid enough to chase “uber uniques”. Most people are so casual they don’t know they exist. Anyone smart can see that these are lower drop rate than winning a Powerball lottery and therefore NOT a chase item. Spend 12 hours a day for 400 years to get one to drop? How about I just don’t play your stupid game anymore dumbass devs. You clearly hate us so shove ur stupid game.

“We can and have tracked the shako but meh, too much work… deal with it”.

Remember to be attached to a streamers teat so that you can benefit from the next inevitable dev team screw up!