Blizzard philosophy ,be warned

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But not this time.
We want you to be jaleous of the guys who exploited and reward them for it so maybe you’ll farm for millions of hours to have a chance to be competitive outside of seasons because they’ll have an unfair advantage we could have easily fixed. But since this is a the begining of the game,we want the game to be unfair from the start for the majority of people.
We like to have a few people who don’t respect our rules and want them to have an advantage in this game.


This was no bug or exploit, they just havent thought it to the end and made a mistake.
Season starts on 20th , do u really think anyone cares about the eternal realm ?
In D2 i delete all chars and mules to have space for season chars.
The concept of super uniques is stupid


It’s obvious what happened here if you think about it. They know how many people benefited, which means they know who benefited. So they did the work to find all this out, which means that at some point doing something about it was on the table, otherwise why bother?

So they found out who and how many, then they decided not to do anything about it. Because of who got them. That statement you quoted is Blizzard telling us they’re not going to do anything because it was a bunch of influential streamers and their friends who benefited, but if you benefit from something similar in the future, well, that’s not acceptable.


which streamer got a shako ? name 1

Ask Blizzard. They know, not gonna tell you though.

Well they failed on that front. I could begin to care less.

Stay super mad about it though. It’s very entertaining.

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course u dont know one streamer who got it , and i dont know one too
u guys just talking s…

It’s not my job to prove Blizzard didn’t break faith with their user community.

but its your job to lie about streamers getting shakos?

when season starts , no one cares about eternal

That just isn’t true. Most Diablo players never play seasons, when you look at total sales numbers.

its happening in d2 , d3 and poe
u will see

So what are you doing here?

Nobody cares about Eternal, but here they keep trying to justify Blizzard.

i just want my money back :smiley:

Seasons are a big part of why I enjoy arpgs nowadays. It completely invigorated the genre

After that, it doesn’t matter, with this decision they have killed the target drop for Eternal, in the end they have achieved what they wanted, that it only be played in cycles of 3 months (which are actually two weeks).

OP’s philosophy: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :sob:

Yeah, we can take down part of game immidiately or nerf skill in 24hrs but we don’t fix bugs more than month old for example that prevents some builds to receive glyph upgrade at the end of NM dungeons. Sounds “fair” to me.


The streamers who got them will likely hide them so they don’t get a reputation for using a Shako as a crutch because it’s so OP. They’ll discretely switch their helmet to a Shako during a commercial break and clean house in PvP. Blizz basically condoned cheating and it probably is because of who got them…it’s sad to see such a bad response.

No-one cares what you do or your inability to think beyond yourself like a dimwit. People PVP on eternal realm because that’s where you can min/max perfect gear on your dueling character. That’s destroyed now.

That’s a good point, you’re probably right. They didn’t want to risk alienating the few influencer streamers who play their game. The streaming numbers are already hemorrhaging, if people like Rob or Quin leave they’ll drop out of the top 50.