Blizzard Killed Death Trap Rogue

While other builds get to stack thousands of percent damage with critical strikes for Precision, or vulnerable damage for Victimize, the ability to scale ultimate damage has been taken from the game. The only remnant of this damage type left is on Diamond gems, where the max that a Rogue could achieve is 140%. This breaks the No Witnesses paragon board legendary node, and effectively ends any Death Trap build before it begins.

This is not only an issue for Death Trap rogues. Core skill damage has been removed from the game as well, negating the legendary node on the Leyranna’s Instinct paragon board. There could be issues like this present in the other classes as well.

I understand giving classes that need it a little more attention each season, but issues like these destroy key interactions in builds that could be fun and viable.


This is so apparent but guess they’ve never played. It would be great if No Witnesses could have a multiplier similar to CQC, Thunderstruck, Victimize etc. I just want to play a Exposure/Preparation Death Trap grenade rogue but without a serious multiplier its not possible to push this far. God forbid the legendary node that is conditional and only lasts 8s has only a 14% mutliplier when others are hitting 200%+.

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Hilarious that they overlooked this tbh. I knew something was off when I was looking at the inner sight board.

It’s ridiculous honesty, cleared nmd100 s3 using inner sight and scoundrels leathers hoping those legendary nodes would get buffed. Instead all CORE and ULT damage got removed!