Blizzard just banned time with my wife

Maybe it’s different for D4, but I definitely multi-boxed in WOW using the same Bnet account for years.

Do you think your wife will buy this story? Cause someone bought something they weren’t supposed to.

Blizzard bans for autohotkey installed??

It is different :slight_smile:

One Battlenet Account can hold up to 8 WoW licences. It can only have one licence for each other game.

To MB with Diablo you need to make yourself multiple Bnet accounts then buy the game on each. Also, they no longer allow ANY software or hardware that streamlines or assists with MB. All manual now. Just in case you were thinking of that play style in D4.

Installed? No. Running at the same time as the games, nearly 100% sure.

Blue Post right below that, not contradicting it.

Oh I’m aware. They nuked it in classic a couple years ago which is when I canceled my other 4 accounts lol.


it end now !

Unless you’re taking advantage of an exploit and live streaming it the entire time then leaving the recording of the stream where you are gleefully and knowingly doing it, like say, oh, I don’t know, Rob2628 or someone like that? Maybe people could go a little off neutral in that situation?

Fun is illegal in Diablo 4.


Put an appeal in. If you truly weren’t cheating you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Shouldn’t have bought that gold to impress your wife.

This totally proves my point…

Yup, cancelled 4 other accounts as well when they did that.

You just need to put it in a bag of rice and it’ll suck all the moisture right out. Good as new.

i think you are not talking with the thread writter instead of giving advices, i should say that he deserves to be answered well, not only from you, also from others cause they are blamming him or saying he did something wrong and baneable, he seems to not be a hacker or cheater so, i would help him instead of continue this thread for years not giving any chance and only disscusing sorry. I feel bad for him/her. I asume they have diferent accounts since he adressed that they played together so is not possible to play both with the same account at the same time. So i think is not the point here. not gonna say anything because i feel people are joking of his suffering, and is so annoying to read this thread that, well, i hope he get solved and people learn respect.

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excuse my ignorance, but i know what crypto is and what mining is. and cannot even think of a single way that would cause you to get banned on diablo 4?

Beautiful story, almost shed a tear. Cant wait to see what happens in the next episode of man and wife in d4.

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That crap software makes a massacre in your Internet traffic, they use a lot of strange scripts, “exploits”, hi demand GPUs, etc.
I do not recommended use it at all:
Get a real job, own real money…

didnt you just revive an 8d old topic?

he has been helped with the neccessary informations on how to appeal a ban. Since he didnt seem to be unbanned, its pretty safe to assume the ban was justified.

8 days is now necroposting, wow I hate zoomers