Blizzard, could you do us a favor?

When you post a thread like this:

-HOTFIX - September 6, 2023 - 1.1.3

And then use verbage like this:

Could you please elaborate a bit more on those? Stability fixes doesn’t tell us what they targeted with said patch or hotfix.

Those players that keep having problems playing the game reliably would be interested to know WHAT stability fixes might have been implemented and whether or not they are addressing issues that may affect them.

These generic statements do nothing to convey to the players as a whole what is being addressed. There are so many different potential issues affecting many different players in the community.

From disconnection problems teleporting, general connectivity problems, and still some graphical overloading in certain conditions of the game.

Hopefully you can understand our frustration with these issues in general and the need for clearer communication.

Thank you.


I’ll second that. Communication counts.


More info never hurts, so that would be ideal.


“Stability improvements” is the new code for nerfs.


It’s a catch all term that has not addressed any performance issues.

Yet they still post it like it’s work being done. Scummy.


It certainly does. And saying they know they have a problem and not fixing the actual problem is not helping.

No, it really doesn’t.

Hahaha, yeah, very likely.


Blizzard hotfixed the gold copying and item copying bugs, and this time they hotfixed the invincibility bug in the PVP area. However, will they not sanction players who exploit the bug?

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That’s like every mobile app update. I’ve seen a dev put out “stability fixes” and what they actually did was add banner ads to the bottom of their game lmao.


I support this. 5charactees

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You saw what blizzard just released? You’re going to trust them with their communication being sincere and honest?

Free to play system in a fully priced triple A. A live service cosmetic shop with an addon Diablo game and pathetic itemization. Sold and released a beta Diablo, but the cosmetic shop is working perfectly 24/7.


I think the stability fix is the forums being edited, deleting many threads. So, more stable one sided forums.

Hey dtmace, good to see you here. Hope they take your post to heart.


At the moment, no. But I would prefer more effort on their part to start with. Transparency would also be nice, but less likely.

While I get where you are going with that, we both know that isn’t true.

Well, they have an opportunity to at least acknowledge. Whether they will or not is the thing.


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If you change the color of a rug, we want to know what it was and what the new color is.

this blank statement patches on show us one thing, how little you all care

Cant even take the time to post it in the Patch notes section of the F-in game launcher.

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More or less.

They just need to step up and do better. Period. Not tell us they are going to do better. Just do better. Simple.

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For some of us, the game does actually become more stable. D4 plays quite well on my modest hardware and 5g internet.

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This is true. Myself, I haven’t really had any problems at all with the game playing on my hardware since launch. I see some of the effects of certain aspects of the game, but they aren’t debilitating. (Vendor use GPU load increase, internet speeds during downloads with D4)

But I’m still appalled at the lack of direct communication on player technical issues, which was primarily what this thread was about.

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Oooo, just got a good idea for season 3.

“Season 3: The ambiguity of the patch notes”

They will release a blank page as the patch notes and we have to go on a quest to figure out what was changed : D



“More stable” is relative, and also they refuse to post specifics which is dubious. Every other patch notes in every other current game covers their stability improvements in detail.


Further stability fixes aka fixing things that broke from the previous fix :sweat_smile: