Being kicked every 15-30 mins

Being kicked every 15-30 mins then having to sit for another 20-60 min queue is absolutely getting ridiculous. Yesterday it happened at least 20+ times… headed the same way today. You guys need to something about it. Makes me not even want to play when I have to keep restarting the quests or dungeons. Get it fixed this is ridiculous



I have played and partaken in many betas… The point of beta is for testing and finding/reporting issues; problems are to be expected … BUT…

It is very difficult to have consistent testing with players, if they are being booted every 15-30 and then having to wait another ~30min to get back in.

Again, for all of you that will want to say “DUDE… IT IS BETA, CHILL OR LEAVE”, I agree with others who’ve said “this sux and this level of problem should not exist at this point”.

The point of beta is testing, but being booted constantly is not how testing can happen.

It is especially frustrating when experiencing this during “couch co-op”.

/End Rant


THANK YOU lol, I get its a Beta but how can it be tested if we keep being booted so often like this. The preorder beta was alright on the 2nd day granted the 1st day issues BUT this open beta is absolutely ridiculous. SUPER frustrating to have to keeo relogging, queueing, travels, redoing dungeons. Having the mounts wouldve made it a lot more bearable but honestly im kindve worried to see what issues that brings, even issues with things we dont even have access to yet. Really feel like a lot of us arent being heard by Blizz. Id much rather go back to d2 then to keep relogging etc… lol then I stay to queue again haha. Is a great game but theres a lot of work Blizz really still needs to deal with asap


And just like that… 15 minutes, booted, and now a 45 minute wait.

This is crazy OR am I crazy for continuing the cycle and expecting a different outcome.

Blizzard, please make this better. :weary:

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Yeah I’m getting DCed more this week than last week. Let me rephrase it a bit I never DC last week at all. So I don’t know what “updates” they did this week but the servers feel unstable.


And… Booted again…


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It seems there is now a rolling restart notice on the title screen…

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Ported to town… Official game crash…I thought the restarts were supposed to make the game better? Lol

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Probably going to miss the world event because of the disconnect issues…

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Bro… I dont know how many more DC’s I got in me before I cancel my Ult preorder. Problems are inevitable… I get it but being DC’d like this every 10+ min is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Then apparently, they canceled the world boss… Bro wtf actual works CORRECTLY IN THIS GAME??? On ANOTHER queue. I really want to keep playing but ill be damned if I do what I did yesterday all day again. So we paid for the first preorder beta… lost a whole days’ worth of it. Now with this beta were losing 2 whole days!? No thats is UNACCEPTABLE. If the beta isnt fixed an extended for the days lost im canceling my preorder. Now im LIVID

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Ive already canceled my Ult pre order for PC, I Ult pre-ordered for both PC and Series X, I am only slightly holding on for a bit of hope before I cancel the other as well.

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OMG… Server kicked me out during the event…

Now I am getting regular “press ‘X’ to exit now or ‘O’ to cancel” Neither of which prevents me from being kicked out.

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Pre ordered Ultimate edition just to play it early an STILL lost a days worth… now losing 2 full days worth of open beta… isnt acceptable. Damn, maybe they get a bunch of pre order cancels an theyll hop to fixing the DC issues. Just now completed Vigo boss after a million disconnects. We didnt pay an extra 20$ just for pre order beta to lose those days to play. Super unfair for the people that supported them