Banned for use of malicious 3rd party software

I’ve been saying this since the 1.1 patch. They got our money from initial sale of game, if they can tick enough people off, they can justify closing down the servers due to “not enough players” and save a large amount of money on ongoing server maintenance.


If it’s not overturned I’ll simply play something else, but won’t be playing that with my siblings which will be annoying. Always intended on finishing mass effect 2 and Elden ring expansion comes out soon.

My wife says she’s happy lmao.

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They won’t do that. Please tell me which Blizzard game has done that?

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Blizzard has too may false positives with it’s warden software or w/e it uses now.

I play on consoles so I never have to deal with this possibly happening.

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uh huh. All signs are pointing to Blizzard doing just this.

Well actually….


The game isn’t shutting down lol. D4 will be here for years to come.

lmao Stay off the weed, friend.

My guess is some gaming software like MSI, Corsair or Logitec false flagging their anti-cheat.


Doesn’t surprise me. Blizzard really needs to get it together with whatever they are using to ban people so casually.

Also I would update the OP so u stop getting troll responses.

I do have all three of those but they’re pretty mainstream.

Or they sent a ban wave out today. They usually ban many people at once.

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Which really is incredibly inappropriate. Slum lords offer better customer service.

we’ll see. Do you remember Hellgate: London?

I don’t do drugs. ONLY losers do drugs.

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They all do and almost 100% of the time are players doing bad things and lying about them here. Pretty sure if you have a total account closure you cannot post on the forum’s. Which lesfs me to believe someone is subverting a ban on a different account and was caught.

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No, I have never heard of Hellgate: London. What’s your point?

And hellgate london was nearly unplayable trash from day 1. If you had a credible bone in your body you’d understand the differences.

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OP just said he got an email proving that Blizzard made a mistake.

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Hey it might have been terrible, but that janky mess was still a trip.

Most of the time people complaining here did something to deserve it. This is not just a ban, but an account closure. Someone effed around and found out.