Banned days after starting D4, Falsly accused

did you use any macro or hud modification ?
or even a pedal instead of the mouse button

all three are bannable
third party software usage to alter the game is forbidden

This is also true for Overwatch, so many people using it to cheat in that.

Grinding Gear Games allows the use of AHK or other third party tools for certain things in PoE. At some point people were using it to facilitate trading. Not sure if AHK is still used, but other tools do run in the background and use overlays to aid in the trading pricess. And they are allowed.

The fact that he mentions PoE could mean he had one of those PoE tools running in the background while playing D4.

hell yeah we need more tears.

It’s amazing that I have been playing computer games for more than 30 years and not a single time in all that period have I had an account banned for cheating or using 3PP.

I just didn’t see the need to try and cheat in a game or require assistance to help me “beat” the game.

If your relying on 3PP to help you out, you are admitting that you are worse than a noob.

And no I am not saying I am a hardcore, fantastic player in the top 1%. I’m just a casual gamer who sees games as the relaxation they are. Something to enjoy.

But I laugh at these players who all cry out about getting banned for using 3PP and profess to be innocent.

Take the loss and go find something else to play.


Working as advertised.

Sorry I don’t believe you I mean I post a lot on the Steam VAC forum how many times we hear I’m innocent and I was banned for nothing is comical

If you have to use mods to play a game, your in the Get Good camp. So Sad.

IKR? I guess we must be doing something wrong?

Yeah, you can’t have people discussing what’s happening to them if it may make the company look bad

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I actually can’t think of a legitimate reason to have that in the rules, but then I did not write them.

“everybody’s innocent in here, don’t you know that?” -shawshank redemption

while you are technically right about contacting a lawyer…

yeah just dont bother…charge back and move on

Please ban EVERYONE using the gold exploit.

Lmao. DO NOT DO THIS. This is a great way to waste your money. You WILL lose.
People think they have some sort of grounds to sue Blizzard for every little thing they do, you don’t.

100% OP used autohotkey or had some software on his computer which gave Blizz the right to ban him. You will not have any chance in court.

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I always get a kick out of posters who threaten lawsuits. Here is a secret for those that dont know…no attorney is going to give two flips about you being banned from a video game. Forget what youve seen in movies, attorneys only take a case if they think the outcome will be favorable and if its worth their time. You being banned because you were caught cheating will bring you nothing but eye rolls and secretaries telling you to stop wasting their time.

But do please try anyway and report back here because Im always up for a good laugh.

i sadly cant share a like haha sooo ill just tell you ^^ kiddos trying to be adults really ^^

Exactly the same boat.
Especially back in D2LOD c. 2004-2008. It was Dupe, Bot, MH and 3rdpp central.
I went through that era(and all following) 100% legit while nearly everyone I knew eventually caved and resorted to using something.
Heck even 2 older folks, great guys, became good friends w me and gf at the time( 67 and 73 respectively).
Nearly everyone I’d meet was running something and many ran multiple bots.
Don’t get me wrong - I never had issues with it because imo the drop rates were flat out insulting and trash design - therefore ppl botted.

Anyway the point is: You know YOU. I know ME. If either of us or the myriad of honest players out there were hit with a false positive and posted here for support - guess what?
eg. You come here to the forum and go “Hey guys wth I just got banned!??!” and proceed to tell your story, state your case.
The masses will turn on you in a hot second and treat you like :poop:, you’ll be called a liar and exploiter etc.
That’s the mentality of the teeming masses and mob mentality. So ready to accuse and believe some coded system is infallible and you/me/someone was sure to have used XYZ and we’re full of it.

I need to Git Gud at Skyrim :stuck_out_tongue:

who doesnt ^^?

right now im trying to finish a base for a friend and me in sons of the forest and im crapping myself when i get atacked ^^