Ashava Trophy not showing up?

I submitted a ticket and they basically told me to screw off.

I submitted a ticket, got referred to go to the bug forum and i find this thread where theyre asking you to submit a ticket. I 100% beat it with a pair of my friends, i was playing necro one friend was rogue (i think) and the other sorcerer. Ill just add into the lot and reopen my case linking to thia thread.

I defeated him also. I actually killed him on the veryl last spawn of the server slam weekend… i barely made it before it started… kinda bs… no trophy for me???

still no trophy, keeping this thread alive until trophy is received. I wonder if it has anything to to with me uninstalling the beta before release?

It navigates back to forum, although I have created one under different category (account)

Game: Diablo IV
Topic: Not listed here
Description: No Ashava trophy for in-game achievement. More details here: Ashava Trophy not showing up? - #27 by PezRadar
Estimated response time: 24 hours
Ticket ID: US92196***

We’ve checked a few reports of this coming in and want to remind everyone that you must have killed Ashava during Server Slam at level 20. Killing Ashava during the March betas does not grant this trophy.

Being below 20 during the May test and killing Ashava does not grant the trophy. Killing Ashava in March at any level including 20+ does not grant the trophy.

This was a trophy exclusive to Level 20 kills of Ashava during the May Server Slam

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Well, In the morning I leveled my rogue to 20 lvl. (server slam)

In the evening I had a LAN party in my home with 2 friends (we played different game). At midnight, 15 mins before Ashava spawn I switch to Diablo 4 server slam.

They saw me killing it with 20 lvl (I had the 20 lvl before). For some reason I don’t have the trophy.

I believe the issue is with teleporting to the city before the boss spawn - I did it few times.

I had the Early Victory feat unlocked on my lvl 20 necro during the slam… not sure why it’s gone, now. All I have is the wolf pack and the titles.

Well i killed her at lvl 20 with my necro on her last spawn and didnt get the trophy.
Even got the titles and the dog backpack but didnt got the trophy.

Did you check the stable? Should be in the tab at the stables.

that’s not what you guys said before
you guys deleted a comment you made that said everyone that meets the requirements from the previous betas would also be eligible for the trophy

"If you previously earned any of the below rewards from the Early Access and Open Beta weekends, you DO NOT need to earn them again.

Initial Casualty Title: earned by reaching Kyovashad with one character.
Early Voyager Title: earned by reaching Level 20 on one character.
Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item: earned by reaching Level 20 on one character.
Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy: earned by defeating Ashava with one Level 20 character."

you guys went and edited the last part out like 2 days later with the original blue post still being on community sites like wowhead at that point causing many players to be misled


Same here, all achievements for the prior betas were unlocced. just not this one.

So… I did kill him multiple times. I thought I could kill him and reach lvl 20. =( On the server slam weekend I think I was level 17 or 19 though… but I believe I should still get the trophy. I completed everything. Got 25 2x i believe and i did get level 20 on the server slam. RIP. Someone above said you changed the wording.

Adding myself to the list–I have the same issue on PC.

I played the Server Slam weekend and killed Ashava at level 20 with two IRL friends. They both have their trophy but mine is missing now that the game is live. Really hoping Blizzard has some records and can fix this / correct the issue.

This was a one-time reward for beta participation and it was the main reason I joined the Server Slam weekend to play through the same content again.

EDIT: I logged back in after a reset and all of my beta achievements (including trophy) were added in. All’s right with the world.


Same no trophy, killed Ashava twice at level 20 during the server slam, and it’s not available on the stable :frowning:

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Yeah, that’s all well and good, but there’s clearly an issue if people HAVE reached 20 THEN killed Ashava DURING the server slam and we still didn’t get anything. Let’s be honest, it’s possible there was an issue that prevented this, and basically being told “no, you don’t get it because… well… no.” is a massive cop out.

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My Ashava Mount Trophy is in the stable, but I don’t have the Early Victory Feat of Strength.

Adding myself to the list as well, frustrated as I made sure to hit 20 before killing Ashava. :confused:

This bit grinds my gears a little and was pretty easy to misread. I think I may have been 19. I can see not getting the trophy if both conditions weren’t met over the Slam… but of course I did finish 20…

Well i killed her at lvl 20 with my necro on her last spawn and didnt get the trophy.
Even got the titles and the dog backpack but didnt got the trophy.

I open a ticket with a screenshot a

Same here it’s always the same open a ticket they ask to post on forum and here you send me to open a ticket can you organize the support team and fix the problem i did kill the boss with a friend with all the requeriments and he got a trophy i i didt.