As a big thank you to your loyal customers over the years

To the Devs,
I am betting that more wings are coming eventually. When they do, you could reward your loyal customers with wings commemorative of previous Blizzard releases. It would perhaps entice other gamers to tryout games like Overwatch and StarCraft (one of the best RTS games ever) that would normally fall outside their typical gaming choices.
Not to mention that many of us would really appreciate the thanks for tagging along with you all of these years…

What is with the obsession with wings, I have most of them form D3 and never used them. If I could give them away I would.


Overwatch is not newcomer friendly, but it is fun. Just have thick skin and ignore most people who talk.

I also have nearly every wing set from D3, and I am not about to pretend that I didn’t ever use them. In fact, I always used them. Maybe that makes me obsessed with wings, maybe not, but I think that it is a cool part of the game that you can change the look of your character with wings.
Of course, Avalon, that was not really the point. Something commemorating other Blizzard games that are in the collection of the player was more the point of the post. I just thought that would be cool.

Wings & horses are soo last year!

We need jetpacks & racecars