Arcane tremors not showing up

When i go to the arcane tremors location on map they are not shoing up were they are supposed to be …any help on what i need to do to get them

Threw me at first too but the arcane tremors are the whole area, like a hell tide area or the vampire area from S2. They’re marked by the little green leaf and once there, you’ll see all the little event markers where you can get mats, loot and often they are whispers.

I am having the same issue, too. But I dont see any small event markers anywhere on my map, and I cant find any tremors or anything. Suggestions?


I’m having the SAME issue. I’ve tried everything and even created a new character in case I had a bug on the other. Super frustrating and there seem to be no answers for it that I can find. People are assuming we aren’t looking when most of us have spent hours in the arcane tremor areas dissecting every part of the map for their locations.

What can’t you find? The vault entrances or are all of the seasonal things just not there? I’ve not had a single issue with it so far on PS5…