Annoying! make it stop!

Why is the narrator literally repeating everything thats going on?! How is this a default setting? Can it be turned off?

So annoying.

And why wasnt i prompted for my account on xbox? How am i supposed to get the beta rewards if it doesnt know my battlenet account?


It sounds like you have an accessibility feature turned on. That’s weird if it’s on my default.

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If you go to your battlenet account settings → Connections you can “point” battlenet to your XBOX account.

Yea its so annoying and none of the audio options worked. And yes its default lol.

The narrator is repeating things because, and I know this is a shocker for some, there’s a story in the game. In fact, D4 easily seems significantly more story-focused than D3 was. I know it’s an ARPG where “A” is for “action”, meaning people want to just go kill stuff… but “RPG” is “role playing game”, meaning there’s a story being told as well.

There were some unskippable cinematics, which the devs acknowledged was a bug they’re looking into. I agree that having to view cinematics after the first time can be a bit irritating when you want to work on powering up an alt. At the same time, D3 went too far in the other direction; after you viewed each Act cinematic in the game, you could never see them again outside of the entry menu.

Did you play D3 on your console? There’s a good chance your account is already associated with your console account from that.


If you played d2 or d3 on your Xbox your battlenet account already linked to you xbox account so you would not see the prompt for it.
If you did not already have your account linked you would be forced to link it before you played the game.

i was watching a video just yesterday in which they said something to the effect of, “No one plays Diablo for the story.”

I mean this quite sincerely: I think that mentality is ruining gaming. Everything is about the freaking carrot at the end of the stick. The fastest way to loot and that dopamine hit. No one gives a hell about immersing yourself in a story anymore. To the extent that apparently even a narrator is just yet another cumbersome wall to getting more loot.


I feel ya, I love a great story game, it’s the primary games I play, and Diablo is one of my favorite franchises, the lore, the stories, I think are fascinating. Yes, once people beat it, then they rinse and repeat every season and skip. While new players only see those speed runners and don’t care or pay attention to the story. So, this one in D4, I am SUPER pumped for, but I can see many who aren’t accustomed to that, might be taken out of it because all they want to do is run to the end to be world firsts crap lol.

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So you are saying, “opening menu” and “menu closed” and “new skill acquired” are part of the story and therefore the nagging is necessary?

Sorry, not sorry. Calling bullSHT on that one.

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Sounds like yet another one who just rushed through initial settings. Never good idea.

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That’s an accessibility option that the game asked you whether you wanted to enable or not when you first launched… you can turn it off in settings.

1/ go to settings.
2/ accessibility.
3/ screen reader.
4/ turn volume to zero.
Easy as pie.