Adding new Paragon Boards?

I think adding new Paragon Boards are a good idea for build diversity.


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Sure why not.



Would be cool with Paragon Boards that gave new “skills” and not just passives imo

I think it would be pretty cool if each class had a Seasonal Paragon Board. Each season they could change it up.


I could see more of an aspect implementation on skills instead of adding new skills through the paragon board. Personally speaking I don’t think they’d do either, but you never know.

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I’d rather see the Ultimate Nodes level up in some fashion like glyphs.

As it stands, people figured out long ago in S1 that Glyphs are far stronger because they upgrade, while Ultimate Nodes don’t get taken.


I think doing away with Paragon Boards and streamlining the system is a better idea.

  • Gain Attribute points every level you can distribute.
  • Select Magic and Rare powers at certain Benchmarks.
  • Glyph system overhauled to be a standalone system. Glyphs would work like a Codex so all players have access to its progression.
  • Skill Tree branches off into a Specialization Skill Tree at 50 onward allowing you to enhance certain Skills or change how they work to suit your build.

The whole idea of Paragon is backwards and clunky.


Leaning into build diversity and player choice sounds like the opposite of what Diablo 4 is and will never become. Unfortunate.

More Paragon Board is not a bad idea.

More build diversity?
More potential?
More different type of build on a season for one class?

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Before release Blizzard mentioned paragon boards as an example of what they could add with seasons.
Then nothing.
Would be nice though.



They could do so many cool things with Paragon boards. For example, if you don’t like a Legendary node on a board then you can replace that node with a power from an aspect or from a unique or uber unique item (the item will be destroyed in the process, so choose wisely).

I’m sure someone could come up with all sorts of cool things to do with these Paragon things (and other parts of the game). If only Blizzard was interested in a bit more depth, then this game would be truly great.

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The entire concept and structure of Boards is odd. It feels like “wasting” a bunch of points just to snag a Legendary Power. That does not feel good at all. You typically do not ever notice the effects of Magic or Rare Nodes. Heck, unless you have leveled a Glyph arbitrarily to 15 in order for the radius to increase, many Glyphs you don’t notice much. Exploit is one of the few since you basically gain a power set with Vulnerable application on targets.

Pretty much everything is just incremental additive or multiplicative damage and conditional damage reduction. There is some utility on Boards, but not a lot.

Skill Trees are familiar and straight forward, they should have stuck with that. The idea you gain attribute points at 50 instead is backwards to how games usually work.

Diablo 4 takes an antiquated version of Everquest’s AA system and created the worst graphic interface that adds needless complexity to what otherwise is the mosr casual-friendly ARPG series. Paragon Boards do not feel special or like I am refining my build. As a matter of fact, most of my builds use the same Boards and a couple are garbage and almost never taken for any build.

On each of my 3 characters this Season, they’ve unlocked 2/7 Legendary Nodes each. That feels bad.

In every build and every character, I have more Paragon Boards without a Legendary Node than with one. That feels bad.

The fact that Glyph Nodes are stronger, easier to reach, and upgradeable leads exactly to this situation.

More boards won’t change it. Something needs to happen to the Legendary Nodes to make them more appealing and worth investing 20+ Paragon to reach them.


Now that’s an interesting idea! Would like to see that as well as more boards in general as most builds seem to use 7-8 glyphs a lot of the later boards barely change at all for different specs. That said I wish common nodes were more interesting than +5 something

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Legendary Nodes should not be on Paragon Boards to begin with but as a branch of the Specialization Skill Tree. Boards are a horrible design and is my biggest complaint on theorycrafting builds. Even the 3rd Party Tools kind of suck managing Paragon and it is a huge PIA to plan and change them.

There is WAY too much utility thrown into Glyphs. It is like Blizzard couldn’t agree on a design concept so they just smushed multiple things together.

7-8 Glyphs? Lol. Even before the overhaul to Legendary Nodes making them lucrative, activating 6 Glyphs was hard enough with the Stat requirement. My Barb has 5 Glyphs and 3 Legendary Nodes.

Blood Rage is pretty much mandatory as is Bonebreaker if you use Overpower. Decimator is popular for most every build.

There are certain Glyphs that are a “must” which limits your options. When you really boil it down, it is just what is the most efficient Board to use which Glyphs and the optimal rotations.

Glyphs really should be a separate system in their entirety. Take all of the Attributes off the Boards and suddenly things look a lot better.

One change I would make is each board having 2 legendary nodes (positioned approximately opposite of each other). Less one-sided boards, more opportunities for picking up a legendary node along your path.

Also make a balance pass on glyphs (as in, nerfs). But everything in the game needs rebalancing, so that nearly goes without saying.

I am quite fine with attribute nodes existing on the boards, albeit there could be more other affixes among the nodes.
However, what should change, is the attributes themselves.
Having a main attribute per class has always been a bad idea. Make each attribute reasonably interesting for each class. Make Int Barbs, Strength Sorcs etc. something to build around.

I have no experience with barb paragon boards as I never played one but all my sorc builds I played during S3 had 7-8 glyphs.

What stat requirement for Glyphs? It’s only the Rare Nodes that have stat requirements. The Glyph requirements just mandate X amount of nodes in the area. And if you’re skipping the Legendary Nodes, you can save a ton of Paragon points and reinvest into the Glyphs.

Maxroll HotA has 6 Glyphs - 3 Legendary Nodes
Icy Veins HotA has 6 Glyphs - 3 Legendary Nodes

They both skip Bonebreaker, because you can get guaranteed Overpower elsewhere. I still use Bonebreaker on mine, but that’s because I lack items to give me Overpower. As soon as I nab Banished Lord’s, I’m speccing out of Bonebreaker. And IMO, Banished Lord’s is a better Overpower since it’s narrowed to only Core skills. Bonebreaker will consume on ANY skill, including Basic.

I def want more boards. I think some of the boards are just really bad and never used. They need to also make the keystones being ignored better or in an easier to reach area.
One example is enchantment board for sorc with your enchantments are 20% stronger. Its in a such a bad spot and next to useless nodes and not that good. (this keystone needs to be updated in that we only have 2 enchants…its as if it is balanced around us having 3)

Most builds just get 6 to 7 boards and highly ignore going anywhere close to keystones as they are often out of the way and more glyphs are just better.

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