Actually banning for Turbo Hud?

It was not the same message. For D3, they never named TurboHUD explicitly as bannable.

Recently, Blizzard named TurboHUD4 explicitly as bannable.

Imagine getting banned for something like this in essentially a single player game. This company is something else. Next EA or rather the have taken the crown from EA at this point


I think you’;re right, we talked about it a lot about being bannable but you’re right, i dont think they specifically said yes, this exact program is. I am still curious, the hud players are out in force I hear

counterpoint: the best features in TurboHUD and other 3rd party addons are UX/UI improvements that only give an “unfair advantage” because they reconfigure what are otherwise dark design patterns disguised as “player agency.”

For example, would you rather do the math and squint at the lines on 100 yellow items, manually entering some of the DPS ones into a website calculator to see which is more DPS…

…or would you prefer an addon to do those things for you if you wanted them to? Perhaps an “overall roll quality = X%” score.

It’s insane to me that a calculator is even needed, and that people were surprised about how OP crit + vuln were because it isn’t clear how the “dps bucket equation” works. The solution? Show the DPS buckets and what your damage numbers are.

But I mean, can you even trust that when it says I have 105% of the challenges completed? Third party software have revealed official bugs before…

Would you prefer an in game damage meter…

…or somehow parse damage by eyeballing it and accept the illegible combat text with VULNERABLE text everywhere that can’t be removed?

Would you like the ability to move the interface around so that buffs / frames / cooldowns are in the middle of the screen so you’re not looking all over the place (ridiculous UI options for widescreen, for example).

In theory it is honorable to try to level the playing field with the UI, so that there is 0 metagame of “how good your addons are = inseparable from how well you perform” (see wow arenas for how ridiculous it can be)… but in practice the information as it is shown on the screen is not ideal.

In reality, they’ll make tweaks as they realize one of the major pieces of friction to enjoying D4 is the UX/UI, and how it greatly overshadows the immersion.

D3 had botting and “map reveal” as an obviously untouched exploit background, but the stigma of addons is silly: WoW does it, and does it the best out of any game. But blaming these QOL enhancements that only automate information is misplaced, especially when people in D3 ladders apparently played 24 hours a day for entire seasons and didn’t get banned.

Want to level the playing field and get player support about 3rd party usage bans? Make the interface not require them as much via better customization options and more information.

It’s ironic, because players could confirm obvious bugs with some of the addons… I have no idea what tools are actually used on Blizzard’s end, but some of the effect bugs would be extremely obvious if displayed differently.

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a while back there was a post about a dude that got banned for using a a pedal instead of the mousebutton

they WILL ban you no worries

i mean the sticky is pretty straight forward. i guess you missed it so here it is:


i mean this is a what if question. no one will ever know unless it happens

That’s why I typed it as ‘cheating’ and not flat - cheating. The ’ ’ serve the purpose of leaving it more subjective, generalized and not blanket statement labeling.

There’s a grey area with many things THud for example.
It brings as much QOL as it brings TMI.
Idk how the interface is with D4 but in D3 and the vids I’d watched - there seemed to be some great QOL but the TMI was over the top - Built in MapHack, Elite locations clearly marked in Fog of War + the affixes to expect etc.

Petition for more things UI and always make them optional.
I’m all for it.

I know someone who uses turbohud and had 3 account bans before he stopped…so there’s that!

In d4?


Yes sir in D4, he lost a few previously in D3 as well whenever they did ban waves.

Thanks for confirming!

i expected to see more ban tears on forums but i guess those used to it know there’s no point heh

No worries, I would say on his experience you can get away with it temporarily until they do a ban wave which we’ll could be anytime I guess but seems to be about every 2 to 3 months in D3.

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And you know this…how?

pay attention to not use too much the game… this is considered an exploit.
if you have a 13900k paired with a 4090…
man… don’t play the game… this is considered a modification on performance design of D4.

all of you are advised.

If they say they will ban you for using it, what do you think? This is not a case of them not saying anything, they actually said ‘If you use TurboHUD or other 3rd party software we will ban your accounts.’.

So do you feel lucky punk?

Not entirely true. They never called out using THUD as bannable in D3.

The community wanted Blizzard to take a stance but they never did. I guess they sort of looked the other way.

imagine people getting bent over a game that’s essentially a single player online game in every sense when you apply what makes a single player game single player.


Yeah for now… But leaderboards are coming, along with presumably more challenging end game content, so yeah, I do want Blizzard to take a hard stance against 3rd party software/cheating.